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Vibrant Yellow Phulkari Scarf Strand of Silk
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$ 45.00NewOut of stockstrandofsilk.commailto:contact@strandofsilk.com
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Indian Fashion Designers - Lovely Singh - Indian Accessories Designer - Designer Scarves - SOS-SS15-LS-CRCF-04 - Vibrant Yellow Philkari Scarf
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Vibrant Yellow Phulkari Scarf

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A vivacious yellow scarf adorned with authentic traditional Phulkari embroidery from Punjab. It features a self floral design and multi-coloured rich geometric embroidered pattern in lovely contrasting hues of green, pink, blue and purple. This incredible scarf can stylishly brighten up your simple everyday looks.

Strand of Silk presents a special and exclusive collection by skilful experienced artisans from all around India. The collections include varied exquisite unique products featuring rich traditional Indian crafts that have a heritage and history. While the crafts and techniques are age-old and have been passed along from one generation to the next in the artisan families, the products we select have an incredibly relevant contemporary appeal.


Colour: Assorted

- A yellow scarf with delicate self floral design

- Contrasting rich geometric Phulkari embroidery in green, pink, blue and purple

- Dimensions: 240*120

Fabric and Care 

Crepe, Chiffon, Dry Clean Only.

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