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Indian marriages are held in very high regard in Indian culture. They are seen as a sacred commitment made by two people and two families as they are joined together in holy matrimony.

Indian weddings are usually a five-day event that involve lavish preparations. After the engagement there are three ceremonies - Haldi Ceremony, Sangeet Ceremony and Mehendi Ceremony that are held before the traditional Indian wedding ceremony. Each ceremony incorporates a blend of traditions, values and celebrations. While the main theme of each of the ceremonies remains constant throughout India, there are variations depending on the region, community and religion.

If you are attending any of these ceremonies or just want to know what they are all about, this page contains information on each of the ceremonies and some styling tips. Click on the individual links below to see the details for the outfit recommendations for each ceremony!

Engagement Ceremony | Haldi Ceremony | Sangeet Ceremony | Mehendi | Indian Wedding | Indian Reception

Engagement Ceremony Infographic | Wedding Ceremonies and Inspirations


According to Indian marriage culture and tradition, the engagement ceremony happens several months before the marriage. The ceremony marks the formal marriage announcement and a promise between the future bride and groom. The engagement also signifies the beginning of the planning process for the wedding ceremonies.

The engagement ceremony starts with the father of the groom asking the father of the bride to allow his son to marry his daughter. The parents then have to promise that their children are worthy of each other before the couple exchange rings and are blessed. 

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The engagement ceremony doesn't involve any of the dancing or slightly messy rituals that the other ceremonies do. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about practical factors, which means that Indian dress for an engagement ceremony can be fairly experimental. Outfits can include floor length anarkalis, fusion sarees, suits, sherwanis or salwar kameez.

Indian Engagement Wear

The engagement ceremony represents the first time that the bride and groom are officially presented together. It is therefore important to make sure you look your best and so we have selected some LEHENGAS, and SAREES that will leave a lasting impression. 

Indian Engagement Dresses

We have collections of contemporary and traditional Indian dress for engagement to suit a range of tastes and requirements.

You can never go wrong with a dress or a gown. Indian engagement dresses and gowns come in a myraid of styles and sizes. Gowns are generally long in length, often reaching to the ground and decorated with rich embellishments resulting in an elegant and stylish look perfect for a more formal occasion.

Tip: You can transform these Indian engagement dresses with some accessories to create a look that is as simple or extravagant as you like. 

Engagement Sherwanis

Sherwanis are the perfect men’s attire for an Indian engagement ceremony because they look regal, elegant and are comfortable to wear.

Our engagement sherwani collection includes a variety of colours, styles and materials. Some are embroidered with intricate details while others are more subtle and consist of flared cuffs and big buttons.

Engagement Sarees

The saree is probably the most quintessentially Indian item of clothing, so what better attire to wear for an occasion as important and full of cultural and historical significance as an engagement ceremony?

We have a range of engagement sarees including pre-draped and pre-stitched ones for those who want to avoid the bother of having to drape it and pin it. Sarees are very versatile and there are numerous ways in which they can be styled. This makes them perfect for an engagement ceremony as they give you the freedom to experiment to find that perfect look that really brings out your personality.

Tip: If you want to wear something a bit different to reflect the gravity of the occasion then satin and silk sarees for engagement are a great option. 

Engagement Kurtas

Our designer kurtas for men for engagement are ideal for men who are seeking a comfortable yet stylish look. A kurta pajama for engagement consists of a loose shirt and a pair of light trousers. Our selection includes a variety of styles ranging from more simplistic looks to fancier styles adorned with lavish embellishments that are fitting for a special occasion.

Some kurtas follow the more traditional style by being long in length where as others are slightly shorter giving a more contemporary look.

Engagement kurtas for men are perfect for traditional functions that require a sophisticated look. Detail round the collar and cuffs transform the kurta into a trendy and striking outift.

Engagement Lehengas

Our collection of designer lehenga for engagement includes both traditional and contemporary styles to suit a variety of tastes. Lehenga is the perfect attire for an engagement ceremony because the garments grandeur and elegance is unrivalled. 

Traditional lehenga designs for engagement often have flared skirts, a long dupatta that can be worn in various styles and intricate hand embroidery. In contrast, contemporary lehengas tend to have minimalistic embroidery and don’t always have a dupatta, therefore making them lighter, allowing for ease of movement.

Whichever type or colour of engagement lehenga you prefer, our selection will ensure you look regal for the occasion.


Haldi Ceremony Infographic | Wedding Ceremonies and Inspirations



The haldi ceremony is either held on the morning of the wedding or the day before. During the haldi ceremony the bride and groom are covered in a paste known as ubtan (or mandha or tel baan, depending on the region) by family members. It is believed that ubtan, which consists of turmeric (mixed with milk or rose water to make it into a paste) has healing properties which will ensure that the couple are protect from ailments and blessed with blemish free skin for their wedding.

The paste leaves the couple with a glow that ultimately increases the attraction between the couple. In some regions it is also customary to apply a small amount of ubtan paste onto unmarried friends and relatives, so that they too will find a good looking partner. 

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Since this is the messiest ceremony of all, it is best to wear something that is either easy to clean or is a colour or material that will hide any residual ubtan paste!

Haldi Ceremony Dresses

The haldi ceremony tends to be a messy one so we would recommend wearing a haldi ceremony dress that is vibrant, but not extravagant. Since ubtan will be applied on the hands and legs a skirt, sleeveless gown, light saree, or lehenga are the most convenient options.

Given the messy nature of the Haldi ceremony we recommend opting for a light comfortable dress that is not too extravagant. In addition we have included plenty of yellow in our selection to match the main feature of the haldi ceremony: ubtan paste. This means that once your arms and legs have been adequately covered with the paste, you will be well matched!

Our selection of haldi dresses for brides, and guests include sarees and lehengas for the haldi ceremony. It is traditional to wear some yellow to match the colour of the ubtan paste, so our below collection includes plenty of it.

Sangeet Ceremony Infographic | Wedding Ceremonies and Inspirations




The sangeet ceremony takes place a few days before the wedding and is arguably one of the most fun parts of the pre-wedding celebrations. Initially sangeet was seen as a women only affair and was organised by the bride’s family, but is now usually celebrated by everyone.

The ceremony is filled with joy, excitement and plenty of jokes as the bride and groom’s family and friends come together to dance, sing Indian wedding sangeet songs and eat snacks and sweet dishes with the happy couple.

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We would advise you to wear something that is light and comfortable and allows you to move around easily because there will be lots of dancing! 

Sangeet Dresses

For those of you who need to know how to dress for sangeet we have put together a series of looks to give you some inspiration. Since sangeet consists mostly of singing and dancing it is advisable to choose a comfortable, flowing outfit that will allow you to dance freely.

It has become popular to wear designer dresses for sangeet, so we have selected some dresses for ladies. The collection includes vibrant anarkalis, lehengas, gowns and earrings.

Mehendi Ceremony Infographic | Wedding Ceremonies and Inspirations



The mehendi ceremony celebrates beauty and elegance and takes place just before the marriage ceremony. It is organised by the family of the bride and is attended by friends and relatives. As with sangeet, there is plenty of dancing and laughter. However, the main purpose of the ceremony is for the bride to have mehendi, also known as henna, applied on her hands and feet.

Traditionally the mehendi design was applied using the dried leaves of a henna plant. Today however, there are numerous types of henna application including 'Tattoo Mehendi' and 'Rajasthani Mehendi'. The ceremony is supposed to awaken the bride’s inner light and so the sun is an important symbol which is traditionally included at the centre of the mehendi designs. Some believe that the darker the colour of the mehendi the more the groom will love his bride. 

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Pick an outfit that will go well with the mehendi design and will be comfortable to sit in for a long period of time!

Mehendi Outfits

The mehendi ceremony contains a fair bit of sitting, so it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing. It is also good to wear clothes that are bright and colourful to compliment wedding mehendi designs. Once you have thought about the practicalities of the outfit and colour finish off your look with some elegant accessories for that extra sparkle.

We have picked out some mehendi outfits, including some gorgeous mehendi lehengas, anarkalis, and some matching accessories such as earrings, jhumkas and clutches.

Wedding Day Infographic | Wedding Ceremonies and Inspirations


Mehendi culminates in the main event; the traditional Indian wedding ceremony, which involves numerous symbolic rituals. The ceremony starts with the groom’s big arrival, when guests proceed to dance around him to the rhythm of an Indian drum. Afterwards, the bride’s and groom’s families greet each other and floral garlands are swapped to represent the joining of the two families.

During the ceremony the bride, groom, their parents and the priest sit beneath an Indian wedding mandap (canopy) on a wedding stage. First-off the bride’s parents give away the bride and watch as the couple perform the mangal phera which involves joining hands and circling a small fire. The couple then take the saptapadi (seven steps) as they promise to love and support each other.

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The ceremony ends with the groom applying red powder to the centre of his bride’s forehead and placing a mangalsutra around her neck which shows she is now married. 

The wedding ceremony is the main event, so go all out and wear a lavish and elegant outfit that will make an impression!

Indian Wedding Gowns Dresses

Dress to impress on your big day in a stylish and elegant long dress or gown. Indian weddings in particular are renowned for their use of colours, gold, embroidery and general detailing - so lets these be a part of your outfit and select a bridal gown that complements your style.

The gown should be flattering to your style and also have the right amount of grandeur! You are going to be the centre of attention and you deserve to stand out! Select styles that also give you the flexibility to move around and shake a leg. There is no fun in wearing a dress or gown that does not let you dance the night away!

If you need any specific advice about the style, please do not hesitate to contact us and our team will be glad to give you advice and help you through your selection process.

Wedding Kurta for Men

Wedding kurta for men are a great choice of attire for such a grand event as an Indian wedding. Here you’ll find plenty of different styles of kurta from silk kurtas with thread work to opulent ones adorned with zardosi embroidery.

Stylish traditional wear is just the thing for a fun event like a wedding that is steeped in old rituals and customs. After all, tradition never goes out of fashion.

Indian Wedding Wear Groom

We have selected some Indian wedding dress for men that will ensure you look well put together for the big day. The wedding outfits include KURTAS, SHERWANIS and bandh galas.

Indian Wedding Guest Attire

Our Indian wedding wear for guests includes gowns, lehengas, sarees and anarkalis. These outfits will ensure you look beautiful and polished for the wedding reception and dinner.

Red coloured Indian Wedding Dress

Red has long been the go-to colour for Indian bridal wear because it is an auspicious colour. It his long been the colour that symbolises love and romance all over the world, but is especially poignant for hindu brides who are asked to wear red on their wedding day because Mars (the planet believed to be in charge of determining love) is red.

While it is always nice to push the boat out when it comes to fashion, we suggest saving that for your other wedding ceremonies, while sticking to trusty red for the main event. Our selection of red lehengas, sarees and dresses are beautiful eye-catching outfits that will make you stand out in any crowd, which is just what you want on your wedding day.  

White Indian Wedding Sarees

While white attire is sometimes avoided at Indian weddings, understandably some still want to wear the colour. It can be extremely flattering and make you look radiant. So if you want to opt for something white we would recommend going for a saree so that you’re still channelling tradition. Our available styles of saree include lace, sequined and embroidered.

A wedding saree is one of the most beautiful garments a bride can wear on her wedding day. Traditionally, in Indian culture, red silk sarees have been a common choice for brides. In the modern day, the wedding saree horizon has expanded to include numerous options in colour, cuts, styles and fabrics. At Strand of Silk, we recognise that your wedding is one of the most precious and special moments in your life. Indian weddings are the epitome of elegance, celebrations and beautiful apparel in intricate detailing and beautiful colours. As such, we bring to you designer wedding sarees that are featured internationally, and bridal wear that is renowned for making you stand out on your special day.

Our current wedding saree collections provide a perfect combination of classic, contemporary feel and fit with a variety of wedding themes. The designers are carefully selected by us to ensure that we provide outfits that are in touch with current trends and are the highest of quality. You can find exquisite designer wedding sarees in the likes of Jyotsna Tiwari, Rakesh Agarvwal, and Anita Dongre to name a few of our, whose designs exude the charm and elegance every bride deserves. If a bride feels and looks her best on her wedding day, it enhances and adds a special touch to the occasions. Discovering the finest and most exquisite of silks, intricate embroideries, Bollywood styles, gold finishes and stunning embellishment is a challenge made easy at Strand of Silk. Our collection of designer wedding sarees are also available in a wide range of soft, flowing colours from single to multi tones, as well as clever colour-blocking. For brides opting for simplicity at its finest, our white Indian wedding sarees are the perfect choice. Brides are also able to browse at ease sarees in various fabrics such as georgette, lace and chiffon. The broad range of our bridal saree collections are designed to add that glitz and glamour to the bride’s saree and exceptional quality.

Wedding Sarees | Styling With Graphic

Different draping styles can enhance the overall look of the saree, depending on the occasion and overall look you are aiming to achieve. We are also able to provide style consultations in regards to the best look that can be achieved according to various elements such as body types and occasions. We strive to provide you with stunning wedding saree options to allow you and your loved ones to browse our collections at ease in the comforts of your home.

Browse our unique designer wedding sarees to discover the attire to fit perfectly into your special moment.

White Indian Wedding Dresses

White is of course a lesser worn colour at an Indian wedding, but for those of you that fancy wearing it, consider an embroidered saree, lehenga or salwar kameez for an elegant look.

Pink Indian Wedding Dresses

Indian weddings are jovial affairs full of music and laughter, so what better colour to wear than pink? Depending on what shade and style you go for, pink can look both funky and sophisticated, while also making you stand out and adding to the wealth of colours present at an Indian wedding.

So browse through our handpicked selection of pink lehengas, sarees, kurtas, anarkalis and gowns for a traditional look fused with contemporary styling.

Indian Wedding Dresses and Gowns

Modern brides have started thinking outside the box and embracing a fresh, modern and unique appearance in their wedding attire. An Indian wedding dress can provide the icing on the cake for a bride who wants to implement a modern and unique twist in her attire. Further, an Indian wedding dress can be suitable for a variety of occasions such as a bridal reception or even a cocktail party. Friends and family of the bride, as well as guests can also select from out wide range of wedding dresses. At Strand of Silk, we have stunning Indian designer dresses available from amazing designers.

The Indian wedding dresses at Strand of Silk meet the demand for classic style, romantic details, and strike a balance between traditional and contemporary elements. At Strand of Silk, we believe in the evolution of deep rooted traditions into globally renowned contemporary designs. This blend of traditional design with contemporary cuts and styling are at the core of our handwriting, providing brides with elegant couture styles with affordability. Our gowns come in various styles, such as flare, fishtail and flattering cuts, to complement different body types. Glamour is created with distinctive necklines, stunning silhouettes and memorable detailing. Accessories such as a clutch bag and our jewellery ranges do add a feminine touch to the ensemble, making brides feel and look like a princess on the most special day of their lives. Explore stunning Indian wedding dresses in feminine colours such as gold, red and pink, or even white, which is an elegant hue for the contemporary brides!

Wedding Dresses | Styling With Graphic

Our range of Indian designer dresses are easily customisable and can be tailored to provide you with the perfect fit for your wedding. Our made to measure service helps provide you with that attention and personal touch to ensure the Indian wedding dress is right for you. Whether you are seeking an exotic, high-end fashion or subtle look, we can meet the look you desire and bring something beautiful to you.

Post Wedding Infographic | Wedding Ceremonies and Inspirations



The wedding reception varies according to the region but it often includes at least two dances and two speeches. The wedding reception is the first public appearance of the newlyweds since the wedding ceremony so you can expect a lavish celebration.

The couple will receive gifts and good wishes from the guests and the bride is officially welcomed by the groom’s relatives and friends. Once the dance floor opens you will usually hear a mixture of traditional and contemporary Indian music and Western music.

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Following on from the post-wedding reception is the dinner, a jovial affair with stacks of food, so make sure you’re hungry. 

The wedding reception and dinner is all about having fun and celebrating so wear a stylish evening outfit that you can feel relaxed in!

Indian Wedding Reception Outfit

The reception and dinner is the time when everyone can let their hair down and celebrate the newlyweds in style. Both the families and the guests can toast the new union and have some fun. Get into the party spirit with a dazzling evening gown, saree or lehenga.

You will want to make sure that your outfit is both comfortable to sit in during the dinner and move around in on the dance floor. 

Indian Wedding Reception Dresses

The reception of an Indian wedding is often the most fun part. It is the time when you can all come together with the bride and groom for the first time as man and wife and relax and have fun. It is imperative that you wear something that is both comfortable and also has that wow-factor.

Below you will find a selection of luxurious lehengas with exquisite detailing. 

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