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Special / Indian Wedding / Questions Brides Ask Us

What if I want my outfit in a different colour?

Strand of Silk offers this option with the 'Made for you' service. You will be given the opportunity to pick a colour/shade of your choice and we will create a uniquely customised outfit just for you! Colour options are possible most of the times, but might not always be available. You can contact us regarding your specific colour preferences!

What if I want the outfit to be made to my exact measurements?

The 'Made for you' service will create the desired outfit to the customers exact measurements. We offer an online system in which you enter your measurements. For the measurements, you have the choice of:

- Do It Yourself: We have detailed instructions,including pictures and a fancy video, to help you take measurements yourself. All for no extra charge.

- Your Seamstress (Customer Preferred Option): You take our measurement guide to your favourite seamstress and get yourself measured.

- Call out/House call: One of our specialists will come to your desired location to give you a 'Fit Guarantee'. This option is currently available only in selected cities around the world.

Customers are given a 'Fit Guarantee' as well a free style consultation (extra charges applicable).

For Bridal orders, we provide one free alteration service.

Please contact us for more information on the options and applicability of this service to your selected outfit.

How long will it take for the outfit(s) to be made?

Most outfits will be ready to try on in 3-6 weeks. The time required depends on the amount of hand-embroidery and hand-detailing on your selected outfit.

If you want your dream outfit to be delivered to you earlier, please contact us and we can discuss the options possible - we have sometimes met impossible deadlines to the delight of our customers!

What amendments can be made to an existing outfit?

The level of customisation depends on specific designs and styles - some styles can be customised for some aspects while others cannot. Some of the most common changes Brides request include:

- Colour

- Specific Size

- Increasing/reducing amount of embroidery (We cannot change the embroidery entirely, but can suggest changes to accommodate budgets and tastes)

- Cut / Style of the Blouse and Skirt

If you would like to discuss any other desired amendments or for more information, please contact us. Our team loves to discuss how we can make your dream dress into reality!

How much extra will the 'Made For You' outfit cost?

Our prices include basic changes to the outfits like colour and fit. In case of more elaborate or detailed changes, this will depend on the extent to which are you are changing the outfit, where you choose to get your measurements done and in how much time you are needing the outfit. Please contact us for more information.

What happens if I am not happy with my fitting?

Strand of Silk offers the garments made to the highest quality using specialists in designing, aiming to create your desired look. No matter what method of measurement you select, we offer a 'Fit Guarantee' wherein one alteration is provided at no cost. Further alterations attract an extra charge.

Can I create my own outfit from scratch?

At the moment, we do not offer this service - but personalising one of our gorgeous garments might give you a similar desired look. And our team is always at hand to help - given our close working relations with the designer's offices, we normally get their team to also advice on the best possible look for your outfit.

What if I want to see the outfit before ordering my own 'Made For You' outfit?

We offer a service where you can purchase the outfit to be delivered to your own home to see the embroidery and style, try it on and show other family members and friends.

Once you have made your decision as to whether you would like to have your own custom-made version or not, you can simply return it and have all your money refunded, immediately. We can then start the process for the customisation right away!

This service is being offered on a limited and selective basis - if you are interested in the same, please contact us!

What styles can you offer for the wedding day?

It is your decision as to how you want the garment customised, but we can offer various styles for the bride, such as:

- The 'Traditional Bride' look

- The 'Elegant Rajasthani Bride' look

- The 'Simple Bride' look

- The 'Fusion Bride' look

Our team can help you select the right combination of outfits and accessories to create your perfect look!

Do you offer styling tips?

Check out our pages for 'Her Wedding Styling' and 'Bollywood Wedding Styling' for style inspiration.

We can also guide you with what style could be worn on different ceremonies such as the Haldi, Sangeet, Mehendi etc.

For a one on one styling consultation, tell us more about the occasions and themes and we will be more than happy to help you find the right outfits and accessories!

How can I take my measurements?

There are three ways in which you can take your measurements to submit in our online system:

- Do it Yourself with our detailed video instruction guide

- By your preferred seamstress

- Call out/House call where our specialist will come to your desired location to give you a 'Fit Guarantee' (this option is currently available only in selected cities across the world).

For Bridal orders, we provide one free alteration service. More information can be found in our Measurement Process section.

How do you source your bridal products?

We work directly with all the designers whose bridal collections we offer and can guarantee that every item we sell is 100% fully authentic and sourced directly from the designers.

What is the delivery service time?

We strive to deliver your order to you as efficiently as we can and take into consideration any urgencies you may have in your order. In fact, we have previously delivered a product to a customer in just a matter of 3 days!

Our Bridal collections are unique and hand-crafted in most cases, and this in turn may affect delivery times. In most cases our made to order styles are shipped as soon as they are ready. Ready to wear products are shipped within a few days of your order from our office in India. Exact delivery times are specified in individual product details. 

We aim to keep you informed at all times if we anticipate any unplanned delays in your delivery. In some cases, we offer multiple delivery options (express delivery) to best accommodate your needs, and these costs may vary. The delivery times are indicative in nature and may be subject to delays due to stock availability, customs or transportation issues. In any case, we endeavor to have your product delivered to you as soon as is possible. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for specific delivery options and we will be more than happy to guide you.

What is the return or exchange policy?

We offer a 14 day return policy for our ready to wear collection. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund. Please refer to the FAQ guide on the main page for further information.

Most of our bridal products are made to measure and your satisfaction is our highest priority. Due to the nature of the made to order products, we are unable to accept any returns or exchange. Each product is tailored by experienced professionals and each piece is treated with a high attention to detail. We are able to provide one free alteration service for bridal products.

Should you require any further information, please contact us.