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At Strand of Silk, we cater to all your wedding needs, whether a bride, groom, wedding guests or bridesmaids, there is something to tickle the fashion buds of everyone. In this special Indian wedding section we have outfits suitable for the whole wedding party, as well as some top notch style advice. 


The shimmering spotlight is set on the bride, on one of the most important days of her life; the big wedding day! An Indian bride should feel like the most beautiful woman in the world on her special day and the bridal attire should reflect this. Elegance, sophistication and a classic feel are all words that come to mind when thinking of wedding attire for an Indian bride. The most common options for Indian brides are Indian wedding sarees and bridal lehehgas. From deciding what to wear for the big day, not to forget the mehendi, the sangeet and deciding what to wear to a wedding reception, the bride is left with a wide array of options and important decisions to make! At Strand of Silk, we have a stunning range of bridalwear by both famous and budding designers such as Anita Dongre, Raakesh Agarvwal and Sougat Paul. 


An Indian wedding is a lavish affair, full of exquisite décor, extravagant feasts and various ceremonies. Normally, the bride receives all the limelight on her wedding day, but the Indian bride groom is surely catching up to the bride’s style quotient. As such, high attention to detail is given to the groom’s bridal attire as well. A lot of Indian bride grooms out there must be wondering what to wear not only for the big day, but also what to wear to a wedding reception or a Sangeet! At Strand of Silk, we have an elegant range of wedding sherwanis, kurtas and bandh galas or Jodhpuri suits.The most elegant option for an Indian bride groom to wear on the wedding day is a sherwani, a traditional Indian outfit with a Nehru-style collar. The kurta is a loose shirt, paired with ‘pajamas’, a lightweight trouser, and is an ideal option for those grooms wishing to embrace comfort. For wedding attire, these ensembles are adorned with embellishment and lavish embroidery, to fit seamlessly within Indian wedding traditions. Another option is the bandh gala, a traditional Indian take of a Western style suit, which is a three piece ensemble featuring an embroidered coat, shirt and trousers. Take your pick from our range of Indian designers such as WYCI and Siddartha Tytler!


Guests who have been invited to an Indian wedding should embrace the colours and vibrancy of the ceremonies. It may be confusing to decide what would be the best option to wear at an Indian wedding; to look gorgeous, yet not to steal the bride or groom’s limelight! The key is to choose an Indian wedding attire to allow you to enjoy the Indian wedding traditions with confidence, grace, and composure. At Strand of Silk, we offer a wide range of options available for the ladies such as Indian bridal dresses, bridal gowns, Indian wedding sarees and bridal lehengas. We also have plenty of options available for the men such as, sherwanis, kurtas, bandh galas or Jodhpuri suits and jackets/waist coats.


Indian bridesmaids play a significant role in an Indian wedding. They are the bride’s support system and guardian angels throughout the wedding process. Other than the bride, the outfits for an Indian bridesmaid should also be spectacular. Our range of Indian bridal dresses, bridal lehengas, Indian wedding sarees, and bridal gowns are sure to guarantee a suitable and stunning ensemble is found for an Indian bridesmaid. At Strand of Silk, we have plenty of bridesmaid options available, in similar styles or colourways. These ensembles will beautifully complement each other and put a smile on the bride’s face.

Above all, to ensure your online shopping journey is seamless and all your needs are met, we have a Made for You service that allows you to customise your outfits, so that your dream outfit is made a reality! You are able to customise the outfits according to fit, specific embroidery preferences, and much more! Confused about which outfit would be best suited for a certain ceremony or which style would best flatter your body shape, ask our team of experts, as they are here to help! Our Experience the Dress service allows your outfit to be delivered to the comforts of your home to see the style for yourself and flaunt it in front of close friends and family! In short, we would like you to fully enjoy this process, with all the intricate left upon us to handle. So sit back, relax and browse your Indian Wedding attire!