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Special / Indian Wedding / Made For You

"Traditions Evolve, Heritage Remains Forever"

We like to think that some things never change for a reason. Our made-to-measure line runs through the heritage based pieces designed by our selection of contemporary designers.

This collection is picked out from the crowd for its contemporary look and excellence in craftsmanship, wearable to your special events, made for you to pass on through generations.

Colour varieties are often available to suit your style and our team will take you through the simple process of getting measured from your home.


Indian Bridal Clothes Indian Designer Wear Indian Wedding Outfits


Peace of Mind for You

A team member is assigned as your point of contact to take you through the process of measurement, communication and fitting feedback or alterations. Our policies ensure that you have the best quality information.

Making Changes?

We do not do off-the-shelf or standard products. Our philosophy is that each bride is unique in her own way and our services reflect this philosophy. One size does not fit all in our mind, and we offer a range of options for you to customise your Indian Bridal Outfit

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