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Modern brides have started thinking outside the box and embracing a fresh, modern and unique appearance in their wedding attire. An Indian wedding dress can provide the icing on the cake for a bride who wants to implement a modern and unique twist in her attire. Further, an Indian wedding dress can be suitable for a variety of occasions such as a bridal reception or even a cocktail party. Friends and family of the bride, as well as guests can also select from out wide range of wedding dresses. At Strand of Silk, we have stunning Indian designer dresses available from amazing designers such as Michelle Salins to Siddartha Tytler.

The Indian wedding dresses at Strand of Silk meet the demand for classic style, romantic details, and strike a balance between traditional and contemporary elements. At Strand of Silk, we believe in the evolution of deep rooted traditions into globally renowned contemporary designs. This blend of traditional design with contemporary cuts and styling are at the core of our handwriting, providing brides with elegant couture styles with affordability. Our gowns come in various styles, such as flare, fishtail and flattering cuts, to complement different body types. Glamour is created with distinctive necklines, stunning silhouettes and memorable detailing. Accessories such as a clutch bag and our jewellery ranges do add a feminine touch to the ensemble, making brides feel and look like a princess on the most special day of their lives. Explore stunning Indian wedding dresses in feminine colours such as gold, red and pink, or even white, which is an elegant hue for the contemporary brides!

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Our range of Indian designer dresses are easily customisable and can be tailored to provide you with the perfect fit for your wedding. Our made to measure service helps provide you with that attention and personal touch to ensure the Indian wedding dress is right for you. Whether you are seeking an exotic, high-end fashion or subtle look, we can meet the look you desire and bring something beautiful to you.