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It is every bride’s dream to look nothing less than perfect on her special day. A wedding is a grand occasion and a bride’s wedding jewellery should reflect this. No bridal ensemble is complete without adorning it with beautiful Indian wedding jewellery.

At Strand of Silk, we offer a wide range of Indian wedding jewellery including bracelets, cuffs, necklaces and earrings, as well as rings from our fine jewellery range. Our wedding jewellery ranges from traditional to more contemporary styles, to suit the different tastes and preferences of brides. Our values lie in exploring hidden treasures of the East and combining them with contemporary styles. Each Indian wedding jewellery piece is made with high attention to detail and extra care. Our understanding of the intricacies of traditional Indian craft allows us to hand pick the best quality and styling to complement International styling and trends.

The contemporary wedding jewellery range includes various innovative and eclectic styles. Our necklaces provide different elements such as colourful leather, precious stones, silk covered beads and bold pendants. Creative ear cuffs can be found in our earring range and are catered for the bride that is not afraid to experiment with her look.

Explore our traditional Indian wedding jewellery which includes gorgeous gold jhumkas and filigree carving details or our fine jewellery range which is beautifully unique with white metal, white gold and precious stones such as rubies, pearls, diamonds and emerald. We are available to personally assist you through your online shopping journey, from which Indian wedding jewellery styles are best suited against certain colours to which styles are most appropriate for an Indian wedding ceremony.

At Strand of Silk, there is certainly something special for every bride and by browsing through our Indian wedding jewellery sets and collections you will find stunning pieces that perfectly compliment your wedding outfits.