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One of the greatest desires of an Asian bride is to find her perfect wedding outfit. At Strand of Silk, we offer exquisite pieces and specialised services to bring you one step closer to your dream wedding. A wedding is a special occasion and a bride’s Indian wedding attire and Indian wedding jewellery should certainly reflect the rich culture and opulence of an Indian wedding. It is our passion to bring you the latest in Indian wedding lehengas, designer wedding sarees, Indian wedding jewellery and Indian wedding dresses. Our beautiful selection of Indian wedding clothes and wedding jewellery will not only make you look, but also make you feel absolutely stunning on your special day. At this one stop online destination of all things beautiful and bridal, we strive to bring you the best in traditional and contemporary designs. This philosophy is reflected in the evolution of deep rooted traditions into globally renowned contemporary design.

Our team comprises of professionals possessing high attention to detail and extensive knowledge of trends, styling and experience within Indian and International fashion. Our understanding of the intricacies of traditional Indian craft enables us to select pieces reflecting the highest quality and stunning styling that complement International styling and requirements. We carefully hand pick our designers, sustaining the requirements of our International customers. At Strand of Silk, international fashion takes a step further as we dedicate our selections to the revival of the intricate quality of traditional Indian design, skilfully crafted by some of the finest designers of India.

In order to fully support you on this significant online bridal journey, we can guide you in the selection process to find your perfect wedding outfit and wedding jewellery with style consultation, as well as a ‘Made for You’ service. Our range of Indian wedding lehengas, designer wedding sarees and Indian wedding dresses are easily customisable and can be tailored to provide you with the perfect fit for your wedding. Our made to measure service ensures that you are provided with a high level of attention and a personal touch in an online environment to ensure that your chosen ensemble is perfect for you. Whether you are seeking an ethnic, high-end fashion or a fusion look, we can meet the vision of your desired look and bring something beautiful to you. So sit back, relax and browse our collections of designer wedding sarees, Indian wedding lehengas, Indian wedding dresses and Indian wedding jewellery at ease, leaving us to execute the perfect online bridal shopping experience for you.

Indian Wedding Jewellery

Your Indian wedding look would not be complete without some beautiful jewellery to add that extra oomph. Our selection includes some earrings, necklaces and headpieces to create that elegant traditional Indian look.

It is every bride’s dream to look nothing less than perfect on her special day. A wedding is a grand occasion and a bride’s wedding jewellery should reflect this. No bridal ensemble is complete without adorning it with beautiful Indian wedding jewellery.

At Strand of Silk, we offer a wide range of Indian wedding jewellery including bracelets, cuffs, necklaces and earrings, as well as rings from our fine jewellery range. Our wedding jewellery ranges from traditional to more contemporary styles, to suit the different tastes and preferences of brides. Our values lie in exploring hidden treasures of the East and combining them with contemporary styles. Each Indian wedding jewellery piece is made with high attention to detail and extra care. Our understanding of the intricacies of traditional Indian craft allows us to hand pick the best quality and styling to complement International styling and trends.

The contemporary wedding jewellery range includes various innovative and eclectic styles. Our necklaces provide different elements such as colourful leather, precious stones, silk covered beads and bold pendants. Creative ear cuffs can be found in our earring range and are catered for the bride that is not afraid to experiment with her look.

Explore our traditional Indian wedding jewellery which includes gorgeous gold jhumkas and filigree carving details or our fine jewellery range which is beautifully unique with white metal, white gold and precious stones such as rubies, pearls, diamonds and emerald. We are available to personally assist you through your online shopping journey, from which Indian wedding jewellery styles are best suited against certain colours to which styles are most appropriate for an Indian wedding ceremony.

At Strand of Silk, there is certainly something special for every bride and by browsing through our Indian wedding jewellery sets and collections you will find stunning pieces that perfectly compliment your wedding outfits.

Indian Wedding Lehengas

It is easy to see why lehengas are the number one choice of attire at Indian weddings. They are magnificent and opulent, which is perfectly befitting of the occasion and they come in a myriad of colours, complete with beautiful embellishments.

The ultimate wish of every bride is for her wedding outfit to capture her spirit and beauty. As such, it is significant for a bride to choose her Indian wedding lehenga (or lengha) with the utmost attention. From the fit of the wedding lehenga, to the embellishment detailing, to the colour, your chosen attire should ensure that all gazes are fixed on you. It is, after all, a truly special day where the bride should look and feel flawless. The styles, shades and trends of wedding lehengas (or bridal lenghas) have evolved over the years, providing brides with a great array of colours and the chance to experiment with new fabrics and cuts. The designs of today’s wedding lehengas are truly limitless and combine beautiful, intricate Indian detailing such as cutwork and embroidery. Whether you favour contemporary cuts or prefer a more modest garment, the choice of bridal lehengas at Strand of Silk can cater to your needs and take care of every small detail.

At Strand of Silk, we truly understand the importance of the bride looking her absolute best on from her engagement to the wedding day and we provide special attention to those needs with our custom-made service. This service allows us to alter your Indian wedding lehenga with great precision and enable your outfit to sit perfectly on your body. With our great range of Indian designers, our wedding lehengas collection has something to suit every bride’s style and preferences. The innovative dupatta, choli and lehenga combinations possess high attention to detail with impeccable craftsmanship.

Below is an example of how you can style a lehenga:

Indian Wedding Lehenga Styling Graphic

Three main factors should be considered when choosing your perfect Indian wedding lehenga, the shape, comfort and colour. As choosing your wedding lehenga online can often be a new experience, we provide free personal style consultations over the phone and our Made for you service ensures that we provide you with the highest level of service and attention.

Sit back, relax and browse our Indian wedding lehenga collection and be prepared to immerse yourself in an online mirage of vibrant colour, embroidery and glamour.

Indian Wedding Sarees

Sarees are both beautiful and versatile and being steeped in Indian culture for so many years, you just can’t beat wearing them to a traditional event such as an Indian wedding. The sarees we’ve picked out are vibrant and colourful with intricate embroidery. Wear one of them, and you are guaranteed to make an impact and add to the splendour of the occasion.

Indian Wedding Dresses

Traditionally wearing pure whites and blacks is avoided on the wedding day so it is a great opportunity to wear bright and loud colours which reflect the joy and excitement of the occasion.

We have selected some Indian wedding dresses for women which are suitably extravagant for the big day. In addition we have also curated a collection of outfits for GROOMS and GUESTS, so everyone at the wedding party will look their best.

Anarkali Bridal Wear

Anarkali suits are the perfect bridal attire because they represent rich Indian tradition, while also acting as a great canvas for modern designs. Furthermore, Anarkalis are flattering irrespective of your body type, are comfortable to wear and are very elegant, giving the wearer a regal look. We have selected a mesmerising range of anarkali bridal wear in various colours and styles for you to choose from.

Here is an example of how you can style an anarkali for a glamorous look:

Anarkali | Styling Graphic

Latest Designer Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is the perfect attire to wear to an Indian wedding if you are looking for something comfortable that allows for optimum movement. Designer Salwar Kameez are particularly good in the summer since they are free-flowing and don't cling to the body. Our collection of Salwar Kameez for an Indian wedding includes different styles and colours as well as Salwars that come both with and without a dupatta. 

Here is an example of how you can style a Salwar Kameez to achieve a regal demeanour:

Salwar Kameez | Styling With Graphic

Indian Wedding Clutches

Clutches are the perfect choice for an Indian wedding because they are compact enough to be held yet big enough to hold all your essentials. Clutches elegantly compliment dressy outfits while also acting as the perfect accessory to dress up more casual outfits, making them both practical and stylish. Our collection of Indian wedding clutches includes a range of styles, materials and embellishments to go with a range of different outfits.