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Special / Indian Wedding / Fit Guarantee

Fit For You

If you take our House Call / Call Out service (available in limited cities currently), then we give you a Fit Guarantee, whereby you are assured of the fit. If the fit is not right, then the outfit is altered at our expense until the fit is perfect!

Alternatively, if you choose to take your own measurements or take our measurement form to your favourite tailor or seamstress, then we assure you that the final garment is going to be exactly as per your size. We even throw in our 'extra set of checks from our experts', to ensure that your measurements do not have basic errors, free of charge!

You can always use our 'fitting and alteration' service in case you require to get alterations made to your order. All our alterations are done directly by the designer's offices and by the craftsmen that have created the garment in the first place - this ensures that the delicate embroidery and detailing are maintained during the alteration process.