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Elegant, feminine and charming, skirts are garments that can bring out the best in every woman. Made of a circle of fabric that is fastened around the waist, skirts have been around for over thousands of years, the earliest records being that of a straw skirt woven in 3900 BC. Given the ease of making and wearing a skirt, it is not surprising that it has been around for so many centuries. Of course, the styles have evolved and the offerings have broadened, but the basic structure of a skirt remains unchanged.

Skirts come in various shapes lengths, from the barely-there micro mini to the long and flowing ankle-length maxi skirt. A skirt that falls above the knee is called the mini skirt while one that reaches the calves is called the midi. Skirts are named not just on the basis of their length but also on their silhouettes. There is the A-line skirt that falls like the letter A, the figure hugging pencil skirt, draped skirts, frilled skirts, fit and flared skirts, ball gown skirts to name a few. They are versatile because whatever be your body type or the occasion, you will find a skirt to suit the same - a quality that makes skirts timeless garments that never go out of style!

Some of the classic styles that you can build your skirt collection with are:

  • Basic Black Skirt: A chic and contemporary skirt in a flattering silhouette like a pencil skirt is a must have in your wardrobe. If you are conscious about your body, we recommend an A-Line skirt for it clings just at the waist and can help you cover up problem areas. A black skirt can easily be paired with a crisp white shirt for a smart look for work. Peel off the shirt and wear a fancy blingy blouse over it and you are ready for a party!
  • Printed Flowing Skirt: Printed skirts are good to have for they give you an opportunity to show off your solid tops and accessories. A midi or a maxi in printed fabric would be a good option for they provide much more real estate for the prints to shine through. Think skirts with polka dots, Aztec prints or vibrant floral designs – nothing beats the wild and carefree look of a billowing skirt with bold prints. And if you are feeling more adventurous, then go ahead and try a printed top over it because ‘print clash’ is so in this season!
  • Denim Skirt: Just as how you cannot imagine your wardrobe without denims, we cannot imagine a skirt collection that does not have a hip denim skirt. Fitted styles in knee length are hot this season. While a tee-shirt or a tank top paired with denim skirt is bohemian and casual, the same skirt can help you exude a chic appearance when paired with a white shirt and a delicate neckpiece. If grunge is what you are going for, wear it with a rock band tee that is knotted at the waist and a bandana tied around your forehead.
  • Tulle Skirt: Feminine and romantic are two words that come in the mind when you think of tulle skirts. A tulle skirt has got the power to make you feel whimsical and light weight – almost as if you are in a fairytale and are about to fly away! When you are styling it, pick a lush blouse in silk or cashmere, paired with delicate and shiny shoes. Get one now to feel like a princess.
  • Skirts with Detailing: Skirts with a ruche detailing, pleated or wrap silhouette or a bubble shape can be interesting additions to your wardrobe. They help you look curvier and rounder and can be fun pieces to wear during both the day and the night. 

So you see, skirts can be your go-to choice when you want to be cool and comfortable. Though best for the warmer months, you can also include skirts in your winter wardrobe by wearing them over leggings giving you a schoolgirl look that is to die for!

Indian Long and Short Skirts Online

Select the length of the skirt depending on the look you are aiming for. A short skirt can be very sexy and chic, and can be perfect for parties and evenings out. Knee length skirts can be ideal for day wear and even for the office. Select colours are neutral and styling that is sophisticated for day-wear. For evenings out, let out your wild side and perhaps select a sequinned or embroidered skirt.

Long skirts are timeless and sexy at the same time. Classic plain colours are perfect to complement a top that is embroidered or detailed. This look can be perfect for the office. Alternatively, select clashing colours, prints or detailing for a stylish evening look and let the look reflect your personality and style!


And if you are dressing for the night, nothing can beat the charm of a silk or lace skirt paired with a classy blouse and jewellery – feminine and sophisticated to the hilt. Do you need more reasons to add skirts to your wardrobe now? So go and take your pick from our handpicked collection of designer skirts and don’t forget to tell us how you liked our collection.