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Jumpsuits are single-piece garments which have a bodice attached to a pair of pants. They were primarily worn by skydivers or parachute divers and hence the name jumpsuit. Being very practical and comfortable, they find users ranging from labourers, skydivers, astronauts to car racers. Of late, they have also caught the imagination of fashion designers with many high street labels coming out with chic and utilitarian jumpsuits for women.

They come with an unbroken, single line of fabric from the neck to the toes. Often made of the same fabric throughout, they can have loops around the waist that for fastening a belt. Sometimes, they can be made of two different fabrics, one making up the top and the other the bottom which are then attached at the waist.

Jumpsuits come in all shapes and sizes - loosely fitted, structured, with full sleeves, sleeveless, with a draped silhouette, with layers and frills, with buttons in the front, off-shouldered, collared and so on! Jumpsuits with pants ending much above the knees, like shorts, are called rompers. They can be made of a wide variety of materials and fabrics. What makes a jumpsuit really interesting is that it has both masculine and feminine elements in one piece – a characteristic that is much desirable when you are dressing for work or for a semi-formal occasion. If you want to play up its feminine side, opt for jumpsuits in wispy materials like chiffon or silk, cut in a way that they almost look like maxi-dresses.

Many women are wary about picking them up for they do not know how to wear them right. Jumpsuits can be tricky outfits for they can add girth or make you look like a sandbag if not worn well. To get the styling right, the idea is to pick up pieces that are well cut and flattering, tugging at the right places and accentuating your curves.

The best way to build a collection of jumpsuits is to stock up on the basics first – a sharp black jumpsuit, a comfortable khaki jumpsuit and a casual denim one, preferably distressed. Then go ahead and pick up a feminine floral jumpsuit for days when you want to exude summer-like freshness. And lest you miss out on the retro swag, make sure you pick up a jumpsuit with polka dots. Round it all up with a nice woolen jumpsuit that can be worn to work and can keep you warm on chilly days as well.

Mostly worn during summers when you want a comfortable and airy dress, jumpsuits are best paired with platform heels or wedges. This is because the pants of the jumpsuit tend to be fluidic and look better when they fall much below the ankles. Therefore it is best to choose open toed sandals or shoes with platform heels that will offset the extra length of the pants.

The way you turn out in a jumpsuit depends a lot on how you accessorise it. The cardinal rule is to always have elements in your ensemble that will break the monotony of the single-piece garment.  Think a big bold belt around the waist to demarcate the top from the bottom and to accentuate your curves. A surefire way of getting the styling spot on is to throw a solid jacket on a printed jumpsuit or vice-versa – it sets a formal tone to your look and also brings in more structure to the ensemble. For an evening out or a casual day look, throw in a layered necklace on the top. Tying up your hair in a knot, wearing red lips and a well-fitted jumpsuit with shining accessories is a great way to turn up to a party. If you are in the mood for some adventure, wear a jumpsuit in animal prints and keep the accessories to a minimum, maybe just a belt and a pair of chunky heels. The idea is to not take away from the prints while also ensuring to break the pattern at the waist, with a belt.

Jumpsuits are perhaps not going out of style anytime soon. So you might as well get yourself a couple of them and experiment until you are comfortable about stepping out in them. You might make a mistake or two at the outset, but it will only help you in your personal style evolution. And once you get the knack of wearing a jumpsuit, there is little you can do wrong with other outfits.

Shopping Jumpsuits Online

With so many brands offering jumpsuits today, there is no turning away from them while you are out shopping. Stay on top of the trend by shopping for your ideal jumpsuit online. You can find a range of options including some of the styles described above including your staple standard coloured jumpsuit and a smart jacket. While searching for jumpsuits online, make sure you search for jumpsuits for ladies, as just jumpsuits might include products for babies! Shopping for jumpsuits online in India? Easy peasy, just select India in the delivery country at the checkout page.