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Trousers (or pants). They are interesting garments that are yet to get their due. Most women follow the mantra of having a huge collection of tops and tunics that complement a few trusty pairs of basic trousers. We however, beg to differ. When picked right, trousers can transform your legs and give you a whole new look. You’d be surprised at how a trouser in a different fit can make you look like a different person altogether!

‘Trouser’ is typically the name given to bottomwear that extends from the waist to ankles and covers both legs separately as opposed to skirts. Form fitting trousers are generally preferred for formal occasions while casual trousers have a more comfortable fit. Form fitted sharp trousers help women achieve an androgynous look that is so quintessential to power dressing. So if it is work or a meeting, then well-fitted trousers with a crisp white shirt and an optional jacket is the way to go to make a lasting impact.

Formal trousers should have pleats at the right places should not fold or get bunched up anywhere. There is nothing more unsightly than ill-fitting formal trousers. Also ensure that you get your trousers trimmed at the right length so that they don’t gather at the ankles. Frayed ends are a complete no-no and so are trousers that have lost their shine. For work, we’d recommend pairing darker trousers with a smart blouse that is tucked in. A sleek belt and a pair of high heels should help you complete the look. And remember the cardinal rule when it comes to formal trousers – always iron them before wearing, so much that the crease line after ironing is extremely desirable for added sharpness and sophistication.

If you thought that the world of trousers began and ended at formal fitted trousers, you could not be further away from reality. There is also a baffling array of trousers in various silhouettes and shapes that you can pick from, each giving you a unique look that will set you apart from the crowd. Here is a look at some of them.

Palazzo Pants

One of the most popular garments today, trousers called palazzos are such a hot property for they help hide flab, can be paired with traditional and modern tops and most importantly, can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. Palazzos are nothing but loose fitting, wide-legged pants that are airy and fluidic. Generally worn higher up the waist, palazzos have a certain retro vibe to them. Plain, printed or textured, you can choose from a wide range of pants for both work and play. A pair of plain beige palazzos worn with a solid blouse tucked in can be your ideal day outfit to work. The same pants can double up as party wear when teamed with a sequinned tank top and some chunky jewellery. Palazzos suit almost every body type. Simply remember to try various colours and prints and pick only those that suit your shape.

Draped Dhoti Style Trousers

 Inspired by the Indian dhoti, draped dhoti-style trousers have been a rage on the red carpet and the party circuit of late. The secret to putting together a striking ensemble with draped trousers is getting the proportions right. With the trousers being loose, you’d need to team them with a more fitted top to get the right look. Think fitted tank tops or crop tops. Jackets and blouses with detailing on the shoulders work great as well for they balance the width of the pants at the hips. Wear them with a pair of high heels or wedges and throw on a statement neckpiece and you are all set to rock any party!


Chinos are trousers that are a wonderful alternative to denims during hot climate conditions. Giving you the same casual look as denims, chinos, also known as khakhis are among the most popular garments for Friday dressing. Invest in a good pair in a neutral colour and you can wear them with shirts, tees and even tops. What’s more, they last forever and can be trusty travel companions as well.

Flared Trousers

While there are palazzo trousers on one side, another trend that has made a comeback is that of flared trousers. With many prominent fashion houses including them in their spring collections, there is no escaping the trend! They are different from palazzos in that they are more fitted above the knees. The flare begins at the knees, giving you a fishtail-like silhouette when you wear it. Flared trousers can be worn with either fitted tops or asymmetric tops that enhance its hippy vibe. So if it is the boho-chic look that you are gunning for, then flared trousers are the way to go!

Now that you have seen some of the options that you have when buying trousers, here is a quick tip to remember before picking one. Always look for the fit around the waist and hips – it should be perfect. This way, you can wear the trousers with both short and long tops without worrying about camouflaging a shoddy fit. Also, after purchase, get them trimmed to the right length, accounting for the height you will gain with your heels.

A complete wardrobe should have a good mix of formal trousers for ladies, casual wear and party wear trousers. After that, it is upto your imagination to mix and match them with your blouses and tops to come up with different looks to up your fashion game.