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The word jacket is derived from the French word jaquette which refers to a lightweight tunic. Worn as protective clothing or sometimes for pure style, jackets are lighter and less warm than coats. A typical jacket usually reaches upto the waist but can be higher or lower. A jacket more often than not comes with sleeves. This makes them ideal companions when there is a slight nip in the air. They protect you from the weather and also add structure to your outfit at the same time. Denim, leather and woolen jackets are the most popular kinds and have almost become wardrobe staples.

If we started counting the kinds of jackets based on styles, we’d be short of fingers – so much is the variety on offer. From blazers to flannel jackets to jerkins, there are jackets for various purposes and seasons. With such much to choose from, it becomes easy to build a collection of jackets that you can use to get a chic and smart look, irrespective of the weather. Patterned jackets for ladies can really transform a plain outfit into something special. In case you are looking at the basics, here is a look at some essential jackets and how you can style them.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are perhaps the most basic of the jackets that you must have in your wardrobe. They are stylish, comfortable and go with practically everything. Styles vary from fitted and cropped to waist length and baggy. Wear them over a pair of pants, skirts of why, even a dress to transform the way you look. Denims that are light and bleached give you casual look. For a more formal look or to wear to work, you can pick a jacket in a darker wash.

Leather Jackets

You don’t have to be a biker to own a leather jacket. Why leather jackets? Because they are timeless and can go from primping you up in the day to being buddies with your party wear at night. Be it pants, skirts, dresses or gowns, there is no outfit that that cannot be teamed with a leather jacket. While a basic jacket can double up as smart office wear, for the evenings we recommend a snazzier version that is studded.


Blazers are more casual versions of suit jackets. The reason it makes it to our ‘must have jackets’ list is because a blazer can instantly transform any outfit and help you go from uh-huh to wow! They’re also sharp and smart in a way that they will complement your formal workwear like a dream. Throw a blazer on your old shirt and you’ll see yourself staring at a totally different person – looking all smart and stylish. If you think it is too prim and proper to wear a blazer, loosen up the look by rolling up your sleeves or wearing some funky jewellery. And if you are going out in the night, what better way to accessorise your party dress than with a blazer?! Not only will it help you keep warm, it will also add some extra zing to your ensemble.

Fuzzy Jacket

More than being a fashion accessory, a fuzzy jacket is a necessity during the bitter cold season. Fuzzy jackets can be made of fur, wool or fleece. True to their name, they induce a warm and fuzzy feeling that is perfect for the harsh winters. An added bonus is that they come in extremely stylish designs and will amp up the wow quotient of your winter wardrobe in a jiffy. And no worries if you are anti-fur – today you can find jackets made of faux fur that will even give the real thing a run for its money!

Pea Coat

Being double-breasted jackets, pea coats are extremely stylish and frame your figure beautifully while also keeping you warm. Made in varying lengths, pea-coats come in various colours and silhouettes. You can either play safe and pick a neutral colour like black or beige or go all out and invest in a chic pea coat in a snazzy colour that will add some life to your winter wardrobe. Best worn over dresses or pants, pea coats are perhaps the most feminine jackets that you can lay your hands on.  

Embellished Jackets

Want to transform a simple outfit into something spectacular? Want to give your solid tunic a whole new look? The one way to do it easily is to wear an embellished jacket. Threadwork, Swarovski, sequins or mirrors – the options are aplenty if you want to choose the embellishments. They won’t just add lots of colour and bling to your outfit but will also help you make a lasting dramatic impact.

Not just for keeping you warm, jackets can be an asset in helping you build varied looks with basic outfits. Once you get a hang of styling jackets, you will never tire from them. Add their versatility to the mix and you will know why we think you must have jackets in your wardrobe. To get started, take a look at our gorgeous online collection of stylish Indian jackets.