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When we meet people, talk to others or wave a goodbye to someone, the part of our body that gets most of the attention is our hand. Hands also happen to be among the most used parts of our body. This only means that one must pay extra attention towards pampering them and accessorising them. A pair of well manicured hands are great, but a couple of accessories around those fingers will take them from great to wow. If you think you’ve firmly got your fingers on the pulse of fashion, then you must accessorise those fingers with pretty rings. So what are your options? Here’s a look!

Delicate bands

The most basic of rings is the band. It is amazing how a simple band of metal can transform the way your fingers look. The materials to choose from are aplenty, ranging from gold (Indian gold rings are extremely popular and typically bought on auspicious days), silver, rhodium, rose gold to brass. If you want to personalise them, you could get your initials engraved on the bands. They are sophisticated and elegant, making them a great choice for both work and play! Pair more than two delicate bands in different textures and colours together and you have an interesting stack of rings that will add a whole new dimension to your look.

Gemstone Rings

If you like bright and funky colours and want to show off your cheerful personality through rings, then rings with vibrant gemstones and baubles are just what you need. You could colour coordinate your outfits with rings or choose to wear them in contrasting fashion - both work well. A simple white dress can be brightened up with a bright blue turquoise statement ring worn prominently on one hand. Women who want to make their digits appear longer should choose rings with bands that are thinner. Gemstone rings can even be stacked together to create an illusion of one continuous shiny bauble.

Chunky Statement Rings

Chunky statement rings and cocktail rings are what you need if you want to make a lasting fashion statement. They can be unforgiving on shorter, pudgier fingers but if you have long and slender digits, you must certainly give them a shot. Wear one, two or a maximum of three statement rings on your fingers and they are bound to be great conversation starters. Don’t try to match all the rings and stick to the same texture - mix and match colours, styles and designs. While they work well with outfits that are basic and solid, we’d be careful about pairing them with printed outfits.

Midi Rings

Midi rings are rings that stop midway on your finger, above your first knuckle. They look great in a stack when paired with a bunch of delicate bands. Given that stacking rings is the latest fashion obsession today, midi rings have become a must-have in a woman’s accessory collection. Delicate bands, rings studded with stones or pearls and criss-cross rings with chain detailing are some of the most happening styles in midi rings today. Slip one on each finger and let the detailing speak for itself.


If one starts looking at rings, the options are endless and only your imagination is the limit to how you can style with rings. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours and textures with reckless abandon. Given the current fixation with rings, less is definitely not more. And to top it all, there is no right or wrong way of wearing rings. How much more freedom do you need to experiment?! If you think something looks good on your fingers, go ahead and flaunt it! If you'd rather buy funky rings from India online, then you should know that there has never been a better time as the practice is becoming evermore popular and easy.