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Fine Jewellery / Neckpieces

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Pieces of fine jewellery can add a touch of elegance and elevate just about any look. But what is more appealing about fine jewellery is that it sets you apart from the crowd, instantly lending you an elite appeal. Though rings and earrings are the most commonly worn pieces of fine jewellery, we feel that for the special charm, what you need are necklaces.

Necklaces made of precious metals are always in fashion. Regardless of the style that you choose, a well designed necklace can add pizzazz and pull together any outfit. While elaborate necklaces need to be chosen as per the shape of your face, it is easy to incorporate simpler necklaces into your daily style.

For a casual affair, you can pick styles that are simple with a pendant at the end. Layering a couple of gold necklaces of varying lengths is a clever way of making a statement. Wear a delicate simple necklace with a medium length charm necklace followed by a longer necklace with a pendant and stand out even in a crowd. A more formal do, like a presentation at work or an after-work party calls for necklaces that are understated, yet elegant. For such occasions, a simple chain with a diamond pendant is your best bet, for no other piece of jewellery is as versatile as a diamond necklace. Elaborate necklaces like chokers, kundan necklaces or other chunky neckpieces are best brought out for a special occasion like a wedding or a festival. A choker would look great on women with a heart shaped face or an oblong face. Women with round faces are better off choosing longer necklaces that will visually elongate their face structure.

As a base metal for your necklaces, you can pick gold, silver or even platinum. These days, if you are buying gold jewellery, you can choose from colours like the traditional yellow, an understated white that comes from the rhodium finish or the unconventional pink which is called rose gold. The choice of the colour obviously depends on your taste, but it is also something that you can make on the basis of the occasion for which you are buying the jewellery. An occasion like an Indian wedding ceremony obviously calls for yellow gold, that will complement the traditional outfits. Yellow gold is most flattering on women who have warm skin tones. Rhodium looks great for formal occasions while rose gold is the perfect metal for a feminine look. Women wanting something rare and exclusive can go in for platinum necklaces while silver is a cheaper yet attractive alternative.


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Once you have chosen the base metal, as a neck step you can start considering the gemstones you want to go in for. Gemstones can lend vibrancy to necklaces, making them just the right accessories to add a pop of colour to your ensembles. You can either match the colour of the gemstone with your outfit or go in for stones in a contrasting colour. The cardinal rule while wearing gemstone necklaces is to match the colour of the stone with your earrings and rings to pull your ensemble together. Of course, diamond necklaces will go well with just about any outfit and any other piece of jewellery.

Indian pearl, gold and diamond necklaces for women are extremely popular. They make wonderful romantic gestures and are also very popular Indian wedding jewelry sets. They make a striking statement and finish of an outfit such as a long evening dress or gown perfectly. Turn up to a party with one of these Indian neckpieces, and you will be the belle of the ball!

If you are putting together a collection of necklaces, we recommend that you start with a simple one in a precious metal like gold or platinum, that you can wear often, with or without a pendant. Follow this up with a medium length piece with a large pendant that can be worn along with dressy outfits. Adding a long necklace to the mix will let you layer all the three of them beautifully for those special occasions. Additionally, you could think of buying a couple of necklaces with different coloured gemstones that you can match with your party wear outfits. Last but not the least, we can’t stress on how much glamour a diamond necklace can add to any outfit. For the very reason, it is imperative that you invest in at least a simple diamond necklace that will add the wow factor to your jewellery collection. The kind of choices in metals and designs in necklaces are endless, with new styles being introduced every single day. While investing in pieces, we suggest you look for classic pieces with a timeless appeal so that you can wear them for many years to come.