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From tiny shimmering studs to shoulder sweeping chandelier designs, earrings in every possible shape and size are a part of every woman’s accessory collection. Trends in earrings keep changing every year, with emerging styles and new designs, but there are some classic styles that are forever in fashion. This means that you need to have a good mix of earrings that are in keeping with current trends and those that are timeless classics.

Some of the classic styles include studs, Indian pearl earrings and semi-precious stones. Clinging to the ear lobes, studs discreetly add shimmer to your ears without being too loud. Rings or hoops are another fashion staple that can be paired with just about any outfit. Made of silver, gold or any other metal, rings go around your ear lobe, from the front to the back. You can choose between plain or studded hoops in a range of widths and circumferences depending on your personal style.

If you are looking for something more dressy and big, then what you need are either drop earrings or chandelier earrings. With a stud or a hook on top, chandelier hangings can feature anything from beads or semi-precious stones to pearls or Swarovski crystals set in intricate designs. Chandelier earrings with multicoloured stones can help you add a touch of playfulness to your look and a pop of colour to your ensemble. Silver or black metal chandelier earrings paired with kohl-lined eyes are a great choice if you are gunning for an earthy and contemporary look. Drop earrings are also large, but different from chandelier earrings in that they do not have a very elaborate drop. With the drop usually made of a single stone or bead, these earrings are perfect if you want to accessorise in colours that match your outfit.

Another classic that will be forever fashionable is the traditional Indian jhumka. These are earrings with an engraved or studded top and a dome shaped drop. Traditional jhumkas tend to have intricate engravings on them that enhance their aesthetic appeal. Jhumka earrings studded with pearls and kundan stones are striking and can add a truly traditional finish to your saree or anarkali. Why only traditional wear, they are so versatile that a dainty jhumka can even be worn over a pair of jeans to make a strong statement.

Aside from the classic styles, your earrings’ collection should also have pieces that are currently in vogue. Such pieces help you dress up in your fashionable best and also indicate that you are in sync with the latest styles. Top on this list are ear cuffs that curve on the outside of the ear. They can be worn singly on one ear, or in pairs and do not even need a piercing - they can just be pressed around the ear cartilage. Cuffs run the gamut from being dainty and traditional to being definitively modern. A couple of cuffs put together make a ear chain. Ear chains are among the most trendy accessories today, perhaps the best option there is for a bohemian look. With a prominent stud or drop and a couple of cuffs strung together through a chain, ear chains cover almost the entire ear cartilage and go over the back as well. Wear them with dresses, anarkalis or even sarees to stand out in the crowd.

There is nothing more feminine than a pair of earrings adorning a woman’s ears. Invest in good quality traditional Indian earrings or in contemporary designs to complement your different outfits. Have a good mix of small and large size earrings in myriad colours to brighten up your ensemble.  And while buying trendy earrings, do not worry about them going out of style, because trends come and go in cycles. What’s in style today will go out of style and come back in circulation before you know it!