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There is a popular saying among fashionistas that you cannot buy happiness but you can most certainly buy shoes. Whether you are down in the dumps or simply need a nice accessory to finish your look, just wear a nice pair of shoes and you will feel upbeat in no time!

Such is the power of shoes - they can be your best friends, always around to save the day. However, given the mind boggling array of styles and designs in shoes, it is not practical to jump on every single trend. Keeping budgets and closet space in mind, here are some key shoe styles that will keep your shoes closet streamlined, well-stocked and complete.

Black Pumps

Black pumps are classic shoes that can be paired with almost about anything. The reason why we love them so much is that they will never go out of style! Wear them with a pair of jeans, a sundress or even a skirt to instantly add a touch of sophistication to your look. Choose heels in a height that you are most comfortable in and these shoes will become your go-to accessories to pull together any outfit.

Ballet Flats

Dainty and feminine, ballet flats are a quintessential staple for a simple and well-turned out look. Whether in canvas, leather or fabric, ballet flats are extremely comfortable to run around in and a great option for day wear.

Ankle Strap Sandals

With the advent of summer, we tend to move towards shoe styles that are more open and breezy. Ankle strap sandals are versatile, in that they can be paired with jeans, skirts or dresses of varying lengths. They instantly add a polished chic appeal to your look and also make your legs seem longer. But with plenty of styles to choose from, this is one buying decision that ain’t very easy. We favour tan or black sandals in medium heels since they work for both casual and formal occasions.

Ankle Length Boots

Super stylish. Comfortable. Ultra glamourous.There’s no reason to not love ankle length boots. We dig the fact that they can be worn all year round and that they make you look super chic. Choose simple styles with some shiny hardware that will serve you well through the year and come in handy every time you feel like adding some edge to your ensemble.

Flat Sandals

Sure, flip-flops are comfortable and easy to slip into and walk in, but they don’t fetch you full marks for style. A stylish alternative to flip flops is the open-toed flat sandal. Easy to wear and walk, flat sandals can keep you company all through summer. Since you’ll be wearing them often, pick styles that will bring a smile to your face and instantly liven up your outfit as well.


Shoes with wedge heels are back in circulation now. If you are not comfortable in high and pointed heels and if flats don’t do the trick for you, wedges are perhaps just what you need. Comfortable and convenient, they are a great option to add some height and to up your fashion quotient. The only thing to remember while wearing wedges is to not go in for straps that are very chunky because wedges by themselves tend to be clunky. Thinner straps and minimal embellishments are the way to go, because when it come to wedges, less is definitely more.


This one is a no brainer. Casual sneakers are worth picking up for they can be your most trusted companions when you are out for long hours over the weekend. Wear them with jeans or even a dress, we can’t think of a better way to finish off a casual outfit.

Super High Heels

No shoe collection can be complete without a pair of super sexy high heels. With designs options that include leather straps, studded belts and metallic accents, super high heel shoes and sandals complete every woman’s shoe arsenal and make her a bombshell.


Now that you’ve seen what some of the popular styles are, you can bring in colours, textures and heel height into the mix. You’ll probably run out of closet space but will never run out of shoe styles to choose from! But with the basics in place, you can most certainly pick one of them to be paired with just about any outfit so that you step out in style, every single time!