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What’s the one accessory that you can simply throw on your outfit and add a breath of fresh air to your ensemble? The answer might vary from person to person but we’re sure that the most popular answer would be ‘scarves’! Scarves are nothing but pieces of plain, printed or embellished fabrics that can all by themselves add a whole new dimension to your outfit!

Why do we love scarves so much? For the same reason that the whole world loves them - they can be worn in any weather, be it spring or winter, they are easy to wear, they never go out of style and most importantly, you can never ever outgrow one! What’s more, with the layered look being in vogue now, scarves have become the go to accessories to add a new layer to any outfit.

Scarves find practical use during winters when they can be draped around neck to keep you warm and cosy. Knitted styles made of wool are most popular, especially when they are paired with beanies and gloves in matching colours. Go for basics like solids or gingham scarves that work well on formal outfits. All you need to do is to wrap it around your neck or knot it and tuck it into your jacket. If you are looking to be more experimental with scarves, we’d suggest a multicolour woollen scarf that will look striking against your formal wear and also add a pop of colour to your ensemble.

While scarves during winters are a necessity, during summer and spring days they can be used to liven up your outfits. For warmer days, pick scarves made of fluidic fabrics that are light and comfortable. Choose bright colours, vibrant prints and interesting motifs to accessorise any boring outfit. A plain tunic can be perked up by the addition of a knotted scarf with quirky prints. Why only prints, scarves these days also feature detailing to add an interesting dimension to your ensemble. So you have tassels, charms and sequin detailing along the border or the body of the scarves to make them striking and to make you stand out in the crowd. The variety that scarves offer in terms of design and prints makes them a versatile accessory that can infuse a whole new life to your regular outfits.

When choosing an Indian scarf, the rule of thumb is that a plain outfit is best accessorised with a printed scarf and vice versa. A print clash works in some cases but you have to be cautious about the choice of prints while doing so. While picking a scarf from your wardrobe, let the occasion and your mood guide your choices.

For work, choose understated solid or plaid scarves for winter days and bright, cheery printed scarves for warmer days. Best worn over a plain shirt or tunic, these scarves can be peeled off once your reach your workstation. For casual outings, pick scarves in quirky prints and funky detailing that can be worn to add a sprinkling of happiness to your look.

There are plenty of ways to style a scarf over your outfit. You can wrap them around the neck, knot them on a side, twist them in the front like a tie or even wear them as a wrap around your shoulders. The internet is teeming with a dizzying number of scarf styling options - so many that it looks like someone has organised a scarf movement on the world wide web. Once you take cues from these tutorials and experiment with various looks, you will be able to get a hang of scarf styling and can become an expert in no time!

Scarves from India are made from silk, wool and cotton and are often made from vibrant colours and decorated with delicate embroidery. Wear an Indian scarf if you really want to make a statement, or brighten up an outfit.

By incorporating scarves in your daily style, you can elevate your fashion quotient and turn up in a new look, every single day! The same scarf styled in two different ways will help you get different looks. Now go imagine the possibilities after adding scarves to your wardrobe - a few scarves have the power in them to revamp it completely. So what’s stopping you from falling in love with scarves? It will be a heady affair, no doubt, one that will create a fashionista to watch out for.