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Necklaces. Where do we begin and where do we end. They are beautiful pieces of accessories that can add a dazzling finishing touch to any outfit. From elegant and understated styles to bold statement pieces, the kind of options in necklaces are aplenty.

Use Indian necklaces to dress up a simple outfit or complement already dressy clothes. Wear them short or flaunt them long, the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling necklaces.

So without further ado, we will dive right into how you can incorporate necklaces into your daily style and tell you how they can push up your style quotient by a few notches.

Necklaces for Work

Given that it is work and you are required to be formally dressed, we’d suggest you stick to delicate necklaces that are elegant and sophisticated. A thin chain that ends at the collar bone with a dainty little diamond pendant can be the perfect way to complement your white shirt. Such discreet necklaces add a feminine touch to your work look without overpowering it.

You can choose from gold, silver, platinum or rose gold chains and go in for pearl, filigree or semi-precious stone pendant as per your personal style. You can even personalise your necklace by adding a custom name pendant to it - a style that is extremely popular with young ladies right now. Necklaces also let you style them in a way that they add a faux collar to your dress - a trick that works quite well when you are dressing up for work.

For gatherings or other more formal work events, consider adding a string of pearls for nothing spells class and sophistication quite like them.

Necklaces for Casual Outings

You can style a pretty dress or a casual top with fun and quirky necklaces that suit the mood of a casual outing. For dresses with deeper necks, choose styles that sit closer to the collar bone like collars, bibs or even chokers. If you choose to wear them with shirts or other androgynous blouses, then wear them over the shirt to add a feminine polish to the outfit. Tiered chokers with sparkly stones, neon beads and other baubles are hot on the runway right now.You can easily adapt the style for your casual day out and draw appreciative glances in return.

For dresses with higher necks, we suggest longer layered necklaces that will stand out against the fabric. A bold and brightly printed dress can work well with a gold filigree statement piece or multiple layers of pearls. You can add a pop of colour and a striking contrast to plain blouses or dresses via long beaded necklaces. While long necklaces come in handy to break the monotony, remember to not wear too many colours - always pair a plain dress with multi-coloured accessories and vice versa.

Necklaces for the Evenings

Evening dresses like gowns or sarees need to be accessorised with necklaces that can hold their own even in the presence of an extravagant outfit. Sophisticated and luxurious necklaces studded with diamonds or other precious stones are best suited for such outfits.

They are quite a fashion statement by themselves and also because they complement lavish outfits well. But that does not certainly mean that you wear your most expensive diamond necklace with just about any evening outfit. If the dress already has a lot of bling, wear a simpler necklace to avoid being too loud. However if this isn't the case and you are wearing a plain or simple dress we would recommend wearing a statement necklace from India, to give your outfit that wow factor.

Necklaces for Weddings and Festive Occasions

Weddings and festive occasions are the one time when women want to flaunt the best of the pieces of jewellery that they have. Save up your heirloom pieces, uncut diamonds and precious rubies for such occasions. A kundan choker over a lehenga, an heirloom diamond necklace over a brocade saree or a brilliant antique ruby and diamond necklace over a white gown - these are matches made in heaven for women who love to dress up for festive occasions.


The reason why we love necklaces so much is that they can instantly glamourise any outfit and make it all the more colourful. We could spend the entire night talking about necklaces and yet would not run out of styles to discuss. So while we stop here, why don’t you go and pull out all your necklaces and give your style a new lease of life by wearing them all the more often?