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If we asked you about the most practical accessory there is, then chances are that, nine out of ten times the answer would be handbags. Handbags are the best way to make a style statement while also serving the purpose of storing all your essentials and knick-knacks while you are on the move. Handbags can range from being something as simple as an inexpensive tote to a luxury leather bag that costs a bomb.

Handbags are basically bags with handles. They come in various shapes and sizes. If you are looking at a handbag for a day out, then you can consider a large tote that can act like a hold-all. Unstructured hobo bags are also an option when you want the bag to hold many items and also exude a more casual look.

Handbags are a must-have accessory when you are out for work as well. You’d need a fairly large bag to hold your cosmetics, money purse, laptop, phone and other miscellaneous items as you travel to work everyday. A practical and smart handbag in leather or faux-leather works best for work for it can be understated and sophisticated, at the same time. It is wise to invest in a bag that is made of a good quality material, even if it comes at a premium, for your office bag will be put to use every single day. Look for a bag with multiple pockets in which you can organise your knick-knacks - this way, you can avoid rummaging through the bag every time you want to get something out of it. While black and brown are the most popular options when it comes to handbags for work, you can choose to add some more colour to your daily look with the help of tan, red or green leather bags.

Now that we have seen the use of large handbags, it is time to divert our focus towards smaller, more dainty handbags. Petite handbags in vibrant hues are perfect to carry around small items like a bunch of keys, phone and a wallet. They come in compact designs, with clean lines and simple embellishments. This makes them ideal to carry for formal or semi-formal occasions and why, even to work. Think weekend, a floral dress, comfortable shoes and meeting friends over brunch - a handy, structured bag perfectly fits into this image.

A variant of such small bags is the sling bag. It is worn across the shoulder and is also called a crossbody bag. Small in size, a sling bag can at most hold your phone, wallet and a tablet. Since it is worn such that its contents are easily accessible, a sling bag is ideal for travel or a short outing with friends.

The shapes and styles in which handbags are offered are so many that we could write an entire book about them. What we have described above does not even skim the surface of the various types of handbags. If you are out to buy bags, chances are that you will be overwhelmed by the options on offer. So our advise is to never go all out and buy a bunch of bags at once. The idea is to slowly build a collection that comprises of a few practical handbags and some dressy ones.

Start with a basic black or brown bag in leather or faux leather that you can use everyday, then buy a more casual bag in canvas or denim, throw in a sturdy holdall for your shopping expeditions, and then a smart sling bag for travel. Once you have a sizeable collection of regular wear bags, pick a couple of dressy ones for weddings and parties.

While you go about putting together an assortment of bags, keep an eye out for luxury handbag styles and design that you think would suit your personal style. Such bags have a strong aspirational value attached to them. So much that, handbags from large fashion conglomerates are on the wishlists of most women who know fully well as to how that one accessory can help them up their fashion game. Once you find a luxury handbag that actually makes your heart sing, go ahead and splurge, without any guilt. For after diamonds, we think bags are women’s next best friends - trusty companions that will forever be by your side, literally!

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