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Read More About Bracelets

The best way to add a bit of character and personal touch to any outfit is via accessories. The same dress can be styled differently to achieve different looks. If you are gunning for a dressy look, wear a pair of chandelier earrings. Throw on a jacket if you want to look formal. A belt to accentuate your waist. High heels to make you look sexy. So you see, accessories have the power to change the way you look and almost instantly so. In the midst of so many accessories, the one accessory that we think does not get its due is the bracelet. Women remember to wear earrings and necklaces but somehow never think of accessorising their wrists. But we think bracelets are awesome! Why so? Read on, to find out!

Indian bracelets are accessories that are worn around the wrist, usually comprising of a studded chain or belt. Mostly made of leather or metal, bracelets can be worn to give you a wide range of looks. An elegant bracelet in a delicate design can instantly make you look feminine and dainty. Stones and beads can add a lot of charm. At the same time, a braided leather bracelet with spike detailing makes your overall look tough and rugged. The addition of a simple bracelet to your ensemble can transform your look completely.

Depending on the outfit you are wearing, you can choose a bracelet to complement it. Day dresses and tunics can be accessorised with simple bracelets that feature beads or charms. More extravagant outfits like evening gowns or sarees can be paired with bracelets that are studded with precious or semi-precious stones that enhance the overall luxurious appeal of the ensemble. A rugged jacket worn over a pair of jeans can easily be complemented with a leather bracelet or a metal one with spikes and chains.

Bracelets with charms are a great way to show off things that are close to your heart. You can use them as powerful accessories to add character to your outfits. You can choose bracelets with charms that indicate the first letter of your name, your favourite food, the destination you love or why, even your most favourite brand!

Bracelets can also be worn one over another to create a gorgeous stack of metal, fabric and other textures for a mighty impressive look. A stack of bracelets around the wrist will add plenty of colours to your ensemble and can help make even a boring outfit look interesting. The reason stacked bracelets work is that they tend to attract a lot of focus towards them and that brings all their colours and textures to the fore. The next time you are wearing a plain solid outfit, try teaming it with a stack of bracelets and we guarantee that you will be on the receiving end of compliments for your choice of accessories. An alternative option to a stack of bracelets, if you want to create a more delicate look, is to mix and match some Indian bangles. This practice is particularly popular when styling a wedding outfit.

Since one tends to use the hands a lot during the day, accessorising them is essential in order to be well turned out. A wrist with an elegant bracelet is any day better than a bare one. So if you are dressing up, a couple of bracelets around your wrist definitely won’t hurt, take our word for it.