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Come to think of it, a belt is nothing but a thin strip of material that is worn around the waist. The reason we love belts so much is that this simple, yet versatile accessory is fully capable of totally transforming your look! While many women wear it around their pants to secure them tightly around their waist, we believe that belts are much more than practical accessories. Belts cinch your waist, tidy up your appearance and almost instantly push up the chic quotient of your ensemble by a few notches. So what are the kinds of belts one must have and how can one include belts while dressing up on a daily basis? Here’s a lowdown.

Classic leather belts are a staple in any wardrobe. Fasten them around your pants or wear them over a dress, leather belts add a chic and classy touch to your outfit. Best worn with formal clothes, a leather belt in black or tan is a must have in every wardrobe. When buying a classic belt, invest in good quality leather and hardware for this will be your most used belt for you won’t be able to get over the sophisticated look that a leather belt lends. 

If you are looking for something dressy, then try a braided leather belt for a more feminine appeal. You can even fasten one on a straight cut androgynous shirtdress or jacket to cut down the masculine look.

A stark contrast to the functional leather belt is the skinny belt - a thin piece of hide that is purely used as a decorative accessory. When worn over a shirt or a dress, a skinny belt does wonders to accentuate your waist or the curve of your hips. If you are petite, then this belt is just about perfect for you - it gives your dress some structure and shows off your slim waist as well. Whether petite or not, pick one up if you are trying to work the smart and sophisticated look with formal outfits. But yes, if you are top heavy, then avoid skinny belts. 

For more casual outfits like dresses or shirtdresses, try belts made of cloth or canvas. A cloth belt, also known as a ‘sash’, can simply be tied around the waist to add some definition to a dress or a shirt dress and attract attention to the smallest part of your silhouette - your waist. Belts made of cloth or canvas cords can simply be tied on one side of the waist to accentuate the casual appeal. Often worn over cotton tunics or denim dresses, such belts in bright prints are in much demand for a truly fun look.

Women who have a penchant for dramatic accessories can use wide belts to add some drama to their outfits. Wide belts look fabulous on women with hourglass figures when worn higher, for they accentuate the waist. If your body is getting lost in a shapeless dress, you can throw in a wide belt to add definition and sharpness to the dress. What’s more, invest in a trendy embellished wide belt and start wearing it over your older solid dresses to infuse new life into them - an easy way to invigorate your wardrobe without having to buy new outfits. Wide belts work well for both the day and the night, depending on the material you choose.

For evening wear, jewelled belts with loose chains hanging from them are back in trend these days. They are not only functional but also make excellent substitutes for regular jewellery. Wear a jewelled belt over a solid or a striped dress or blouse for some glitz and glamour in your outfit. Try keeping other accessories to a minimum so that the belt gets most of the attention.

If jewelled belts are not your style, then for the evening, go in for classic metallic belts. Made of shiny metals, these belts add shimmer to your ensemble and make it party ready but not too loud. Classy and feminine, they are perfect to be added on top of your favourite party dress for a waist hugging silhouette.

Women often underestimate the power of belts and only end up using them as functional accessories. Now that you have seen how a belt can add more definition and style to your look, go ahead and pick up belts that you think will flatter you and start incorporation belts into your day and night looks. We promise you, once you realise how versatile belts are as accessories, you’ll be hooked to them!