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Accessories have the power to make or break any outfit. A gaudy necklace or a large mismatched handbag can stand out like a sore thumb and completely take away focus from the beauty of an outfit. No wonder then that the number one rule in fashion is to choose accessories wisely and that less is always better. Clothes that are already dressy and bright may not need too many accessories, but the one accessory that you cannot do without is a bag.

Every woman needs a bag to carry essentials like money, phone or cards, for stepping out without them is almost unimaginable. So what do you do when you are faced with the predicament of carrying a bag when you are all dressed up in a glamourous saree? You will agree with us that your structured leather handbag that you carry to work will obviously look hideous when you are out in a Kanjeevaram saree for a wedding. This is why you need bags that are petite and dressy.

Small bags quietly work their charm, without interfering too much with your overall look. What’s more, they look fabulous when they are studded with embellishments as they seamlessly merge with both simple and dressy outfits. An added bonus is that you can pop in a small bag into your day handbag and simply pull it out when you are going out to lunch or dinner, leaving your handbag behind. So what are the kind of bags that you can have to accessorise your festive or party wear outfits? Let’s take a look.

Choosing Ladies Indian Clutches Online 

One festive bag that you must have is a clutch. Clutches or clutch bags have been named so owing to their size - small enough to be ‘clutched’ in one’s hand. Basic clutches in raw silk or brocade work well for a semi-formal or festive occasions when you need a bag to carry some money and your phone. They are almost like your regular money purse. Alternatively, you could also pick embellished clutches which work like a dream in both dressing up a simple outfit as well as complementing an extravagant dress. Studded with stones, sequins or beads and adorned with exquisite work, these tiny bags add a lot of bling to your outfit without being overtly loud. For traditional Indian dresses, choose clutches with design elements like zari, zardosi or kundan embroidery that will pair well with the dress.

Indian Embroidered Shoulder Bags (Polit bags)

Another interesting bag that works well with traditional outfits is the potli. A potli is nothing but a drawstring bag that is made of rich fabrics like silk or brocade and is studded with stones or festooned with other embellishments. With a history that dates back to hundreds of years, potli bags look like an extension of a saree or a lehenga when teamed with one. A popular trend is to get a potli bag made in the same material as the blouse or the choli such that it looks like a part of the same outfit.

Indian Purses

While the design language of traditional outfits asks for bright and vibrant bags like clutches and potli bags in silk and brocade, modern outfits like evening gowns pair well with more structured and sophisticated bags. Made just for such outfits is the minaudiere - a small, structured, jewelled bag that is a staple on the red carpets. Tiny enough to be held in the hand, a minaudiere is a must-have if you are a regular on the party circuit. Choose one in a neutral colour like black, silver or gold, complete with stones or sequins work for a look that is truly suited for the red carpet.

So you see, clutches, minaudieres or drawstring bags gel well with dressy and festive outfits and are a surefire way of getting the styling of a saree, anarkali or a gown spot on! When you are out shopping for these pieces, trust your gut feeling and buy one if you think it reflects your sense of style. And it is not necessary that you pair these bags only with festive outfits. Carry a bright and snazzy mirror work clutch when you are out in a pair of jeans and a solid blouse and we guarantee that you will be on the receiving end of many compliments for your boho-chic fashion sense.