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On time arrival of the package and perfect fitting. No complaints!..\u0022\n","rating":5,"author":"Mr Jagdip"},{"name":"Ms Andreia bought a Sannam Chopra Necklace","dateCreated":"2016-12-21","comment":"Ms. Andreia from London bought a three tier necklace from Sannam Chopra. She loved it, and it seems so did everyone in her office!\n\u00a0\n\u0022.received the necklace that I bought from your website and I wore to the office party - everyone loved it and some of the girls even asked where I bought it - but I am keeping that a secret! \u0022\n","rating":4,"author":"Ms Andreia"},{"name":"Ms Helen Bought a Custom Sized Wedding Kurta Set","dateCreated":"2016-12-08","comment":"Ms Helen from the UK bought a beautiful custom sized kurta for her wedding.\n\u00a0\n\u0022Dear Strand of Silk,\u00a0Today I tried on my beautiful outfit and I love it. It fits so well and the stitching is such craftsmanship, it is amazing. Thank you so much for such a lovely garment..... I cannot thank you enough and it even brought a tear to my mum\u0027s eye. The colour is beautiful too.\u0022\n","rating":5,"author":"Ms. Helen"},{"name":"Mrs M from USA wore Earrings to a TV Show","dateCreated":"2016-11-24","comment":"Mrs. M bought a pair of earrings from ESA to wear on set for a big banner television series. She combined the earrings with one of her own outfits, and replied back to us saying that the match was a perfect balance of something unique and contemporary. Thank you for the kind words Mrs. M and we are glad to hear that the shoot was good!\n\u00a0\n\u0022..I wore the earrings when I was invited to appear as a guest on a big banner television show. Everyone on set loved the earrings and I received loads of compliments! Thank you..\u0022\n","rating":5,"author":"Mrs M"},{"name":"Ms C from the UK ordered a Custom Sized Dress","dateCreated":"2016-11-16","comment":"Ms. C from the UK ordered a customised outfit for an Indian Wedding\n\u00a0\n\u0022When I ordered my Indian outfit a few weeks back I was not sure what to expect. I went through the made to measure options in my account login and gone through all the measurement instructions which was very easy to follow. The picture on your web site looked amazing but I never expected it would match up to the real thing. As we all know even trained tailors and seamstresses get it wrong if they measure you in person sometimes. I got my order yesterday and was afraid to open the carefully sealed boxes. I finally opened the boxes and lifted the tissue paper and there it was, I could not wait to try the dress on and I was amazed how it all fit exactly to my short stature, with my round, fuller bust and bum. I could not thank you all enough and especially the designer back in India. I have attached a photo of this morning fit and will send you another picture when we attend the wedding in December 2016. Thank you very much!!!\n","rating":5,"author":"Ms. C"},{"name":"Ms Sonali from USA ordered an Anita Dongre Outfit","dateCreated":"2016-09-27","comment":"Ms. Sonali Ordered and then cancelled her order for a refund.\u00a0\n\u00a0\n\u0022thanks for refunding the amount. I have to compliment, this is my first time when everything has been handled so professionally and efficiently. I have done business with the other major indian websites and had to invest hours to get the orders for one or the other reason. I will surely be coming back to the site and will definitely refer you to my family and friends. The best part was how efficiently cs [Customer Services] responds. Please keep it up.\u0022\n","rating":4,"author":"Sonali"},{"name":"Raj from India Ordered a Meera Mahadevia Clutch","dateCreated":"2016-09-27","comment":"Raj ordered a Meera Mahadevia clutch for urgent delivery in India. The delivery was arranged for the next day and the package received on time!\n\u00a0\n\u0022Thank you great service. I got my package on time. You guys are the best.\u0022\n","rating":5,"author":"Raj"},{"name":"Ms Machado Received a Meera Mahadevia Clutch Bag","dateCreated":"2016-04-14","comment":"Ms Machado received a clutch bag as a present and sent us a note expressing her joy on receiving the product. We love the kind words!\n\u00a0\n\u0022Strand of silk team, I received a bag as a present and am sending this note to tell you that it is absolutely beautiful. the quality is superb and I totally love the style which is unique and individual. i will be placing an order for myself very soon\u0022\n","rating":5,"author":"Ms Machado"},{"name":"Mr Hakan Bought a Present for His Mother","dateCreated":"2015-12-21","comment":"Mr Hakan bought a bag as a present for his mother and gave us feedback about his experience on the site. He did not share his mother\u0027s reaction on receiving the present, which we hope was equally positive!\n\u00a0\n\u0022....Your checkout process is the simplest and most intuitive one that I have used as a first time customer in all of 2015. Well done....\u0022\n","rating":4,"author":"Mr Hakan"},{"name":"Ms. Melissa from USA Styled an Omar Mansoor Scarf","dateCreated":"2015-10-08","comment":"Ms. Melissa send us a picture of her wearing an Omar Mansoor scarf (from the series featured in the How to Spend it supplement of the Financial Times). The scarf featured playful cats all throughout and she loves it!\n\u00a0\n\u0022...loved the style! My cat is a little jealous though!\u0022\n","rating":5,"author":"Melissa"},{"name":"Alex from Poland Loves her Bag","dateCreated":"2015-09-27","comment":"Ms. Alex bought a handbag by Images Bags and loves it!\n\u00a0\n\u0022serdecznie dziekuje :)\u0022\n","rating":4,"author":"Alex"},{"name":"Co-ordinated Bride and Groom Outfits for Indian Wedding","dateCreated":"2015-07-30","comment":"Mr. Rayan and Ms S (now Mrs S) from Germany first bought an outfit for herself from our collection after discovering the collection on various social media platforms. After receiving the dress, she also encourgaed her fiancee, Mr. R to order a colour and style co-ordinated outfit from the same designer. Our team helped the couple in putting together the perfectly matched looks and took care of specific details to ensure that the outfits looked stunning!\n\u00a0\n\u0022....thank you for the fast reply and service. I really appriciate your effort and excellent service. I will definetly recommend your company....\u0022\n","rating":5,"author":"Rayan"},{"name":"Ms A Morgan bought an Anita Dongre Dress","dateCreated":"2015-07-30","comment":"Ms. Morgan bought a beautiful Anita Dongre dress to wear for a special event - a family member\u0027s birthday. Her family loved the outfit and she received numerous compliments on the outfit!\n\u00a0\n\u0022....loved the service and the personalised attention given to customers..\u0022\n","rating":5,"author":"A Morgan"},{"name":"Ms Iris bought a Digital Printed Silk Scarf","dateCreated":"2015-07-30","comment":"Ms. Iris H from London bought a digital printed silk scarf from our limited edition collection by Usha Maheshwari. The scarf featured a stunning range of colours and was part of a series that focused on nature, generously drawing inspiration from the animals and fauna in nature. The scarves were digitally printed in India and used luxurious silk.\n","rating":4,"author":"Iris"},{"name":"Ms Ami bought a Stunning Custom Sized Wedding Dress","dateCreated":"2015-07-30","comment":"Ms. Ami S. from New York bought a customised lehenga set for her wedding from our collection. The style was customised to her requirements in terms of modifying some of the surface detailing on the garment, colour tone and the sizing of the corset. She made use of our Try at Home service and decided to buy the dress!\nHer wedding was featured in numerous magazines and publications because of the customer\u0027s profile and the elaborate nature of her wedding.\n\u00a0\n\u0022Stunningggggg so happy with it! Fits like a glove :).......You guys are beyond wonderful.\u0022\n","rating":5,"author":"Ami"},{"name":"Iris H Bought Presents for her Friends","dateCreated":"2015-07-30","comment":"Ms. Iris H from London bought some presents for her friends after signing up to our newsletter. She bough accessories from Sannam Chopra and subsequently bought more styles!\n\u00a0\n\u0022...the products are really unique, and it\u0027s very hard to find something that is similar..\u0022\n","rating":5,"author":"Iris"}],"ajax":{"edit-submit":{"callback":"mailchimp_popup_subscribe_callback","wrapper":"block-mailchimp-popup-sendy-popup","event":"mousedown","keypress":true,"prevent":"click","url":"\/system\/ajax","submit":{"_triggering_element_name":"op","_triggering_element_value":"Keep me updated"}}},"urlIsAjaxTrusted":{"\/system\/ajax":true,"\/mailchimp_popup\/nojs\/form":true}},"merge":true},{"command":"insert","method":"html","selector":"#sendy-popup-form-wrapper","data":"\u003Cform data-bg=\u0022url(\u0026#039;https:\/\/cdn.strandofsilk.com\/10_october_pop_up_2017.jpg\u0026#039;)\u0022 data-width=\u0022721\u0022 data-height=\u0022313\u0022 class=\u0022mailchimp-lists-user-subscribe-form\u0022 action=\u0022\/mailchimp_popup\/nojs\/form\u0022 method=\u0022post\u0022 id=\u0022mailchimp-popup-sendy-form\u0022 accept-charset=\u0022UTF-8\u0022\u003E\u003Cdiv\u003E\u003Cdiv id=\u0022mc_errors_wrapper\u0022\u003E\u003C\/div\u003E\u003Cdiv class=\u0022mailchimp-newsletter-wrapper\u0022\u003E\u003Cinput placeholder=\u0022Name\u0022 type=\u0022hidden\u0022 name=\u0022name\u0022 value=\u0022\u0022 \/\u003E\n\u003Cdiv class=\u0022form-item form-type-textfield form-item-email\u0022\u003E\n \u003Clabel for=\u0022edit-email\u0022\u003EEmail \u003C\/label\u003E\n \u003Cinput placeholder=\u0022Email\u0022 type=\u0022text\u0022 id=\u0022edit-email\u0022 name=\u0022email\u0022 value=\u0022\u0022 size=\u002260\u0022 maxlength=\u0022128\u0022 class=\u0022form-text\u0022 \/\u003E\n\u003C\/div\u003E\n\u003Cinput type=\u0022hidden\u0022 name=\u0022source\u0022 value=\u0022Pop-up\u0022 \/\u003E\n\u003C\/div\u003E\u003Cinput type=\u0022submit\u0022 id=\u0022edit-submit\u0022 name=\u0022op\u0022 value=\u0022Keep me updated\u0022 class=\u0022form-submit\u0022 \/\u003E\u003Cinput type=\u0022hidden\u0022 name=\u0022form_build_id\u0022 value=\u0022form-jaqBEGGzI8Zvah6LPDLCo5Q6LWSDsS1t0qFD8K4pMcU\u0022 \/\u003E\n\u003Cinput type=\u0022hidden\u0022 name=\u0022form_id\u0022 value=\u0022mailchimp_popup_sendy_form\u0022 \/\u003E\n\u003C\/div\u003E\u003C\/form\u003E","settings":null}]