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  • Places to Visit in Telangana

    The state of Telangana, carved out of Andhra Pradesh might be the newest state in India but it houses many places of historical importance. The city of Hyderabad that currently serves as the joint capital for both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is located in Telangana and is the main attraction for all the tourists coming to Telangana. The state is replete with natural beauty and historical monuments that will ensure that your itinerary is chock-a-block with places to visit. If you are planning a Telangana trip anytime soon, here are the places that you must visit.


    The city of Hyderabad was ruled by the Mughals and the Nizams which shaped its history and the architecture. Charminar and Golconda fort are the major draws in the city for tourists. Here is a glimpse of both iconic locations. 


    Located in the heart of the old city, Charminar is often used as an symbol that represents Hyderabad. The name of the building translates to ‘Four Towers’ that are essentially the ornately carved minarets of the building, supported by the arches between them.  

    Telangana Places to Visit - Charminar


    Charminar is a popular tourist hub and is surrounded by markets selling bangles, lac work jewellery, pearls, ittar which is a local perfume and gorgeous handwoven fabrics. ‘Chudi Bazaar’, that is located outside Charminar is famous for its bangles. Hundreds of small outlets in the market sell bangles made of glass, metal and lac that are studded with pearls, stones or other adornments.

    Golconda Fort

    Another popular tourist destination is the Golconda fort that lies on the outskirts of the city. Originally a mud fort, the Qutub Shahi dynasty fortified it with granite in the 1500s. The fort once held the vault where famous diamonds like the Kohinoor and Hope diamond were stored. The fort has an outer wall spread over 10 kms and is surrounded by four drawbridges that provided extra safety during war times. The Golconda fort is an engineering marvel in that clapping one's hands below the dome at the entrance, the lowest point of the fort, creates sound waves that can be heard at the highest point as well.  Ages ago, this acoustic feature worked well to notify people of an imminent attack.

    Telangana Places to Visit - Golconda Fort

    Golconda Fort

    The fort has multiple palaces within its enclosure and its ingenious water supply system is another feather in the cap of its architects. When you visit, do not miss the sound and light show that happens past 6.30 pm after the fort closes for public.


    The second biggest city after Hyderabad, Warangal is the fastest growing city in Telangana. The city is a juxtaposition of the modern and the ancient given that it is a developing hub that once served as the capital of the Kakatiya dynasty.

    Thousand Pillar Temple

    Telangana Places to Visit - Thousand Pillar Temple

    Thousand Pillar Temple

    When in Warangal, the one site you should visit is the Thousand Pillar Temple that was built in 1163 AD. As the name suggests, the temple enclosure has a thousand pillars that are richly carved and so strategically placed that no pillar obstructs the view of the idol in any of the shrines within the temple complex.

    While the tourism of Telangana currently revolves around the cities of Hyderabad and Warangal, the government is doing its bit in now, developing other locations to cater to the growing number of tourists. We are sure that in days to come, there will be many more additions to this list of places one should visit in Telangana. 

    Image credit: joyhyderabad, yaatrika, wikitravel