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  • Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

    The best way to explore the Heart of India - Madhya Pradesh, is to visit Khajuraho, the ancient capital in Chandela dynasty, and currently the most popular tourist spot in Madhya Pradesh.

    Khajuraho Temple Complex

    Khajuraho Temple | Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh

    Built between 950-1050 AD by Chandela dynasty and dedicated to Hinduism and Jainism, Khajuraho Temple Complex is regarded as the finest example of an open-minded ancient India. The complex is divided into three groups based on their location: Eastern, Western and Southern. The Western complex is the most famous one among them, because it contains the Kandariya Mahadeva temple, the largest and ornate temple found in Khajuraho. Most of the temples are decorated by exquisite sculptures; even after over 1,000 years, they are still intact.

    Khajuraho Temple Sculptures | Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh

    The complex also shows a perfect fusion of architecture and sculpture, making it one of the most wonderful UNESCO World Heritages in the world. Some intricate carvings reveal the images of gods and goddesses, men and women, as well as various animals; some others display the daily life of local people, such as brushing hair and dancing. In addition, the depiction of sexual activities on sculptures signifies that sex in an important part of life in Hinduism.

    Khajuraho Temple Complex is very mysterious, and words could hardly describe how gorgeous it is.

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