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  • Historic and Natural Locations

    The state of Kerala is known to all as the perfect relaxing yet exciting Indian retreat. Discover Kerala’s eclectic mix of Aryan, Dravidian and Western culture, before unwinding in the vastness of its greenery and scenic beaches.

    Bekal Fort

    Panoramic view from Bekal Fort
    Panoramic view from Bekal Fort

    The largest fort situated in the northern district of Kasaragod, 300-year-old Bekal Fort is one of the places to visit in Kerala. Unlike many other forts across India that were built for administrative purposes or used as a palace or mansion, the Bekal Fort was constructed for defense, inherent in its trenches and magazine, a room for storing ammunition.

    A view of Bekal Fort’s circular architecture  Bekal Fort leads out to the exotic Bekal Fort Beach
    L: A view of Bekal Fort’s circular architecture
    R: Bekal Fort leads out to the exotic Bekal Fort Beach

    The remarkably well-preserved fort boasts a unique circular architecture and is surrounded by the exotic Bekal Fort Beach, on the edge of the Arabian Sea. Spend the day exploring the history and architecture of the splendid Bekal Fort before taking a relaxing stroll along India’s beautiful west coast whilst enjoying the panoramic view of Bekal Fort.

    The critically acclaimed 1995 movie, Bombay, and the song on its soundtrack, Uyire Uyire, was shot at Bekal Fort. Since then, Bekal Fort has been a popular filming location, appearing in a variety of movies, music videos and television commercials. Keep your eyes peeled, you might just run into your favourite Indian director or actor.

    Peeru Hills

    View of a part of Peeru Hills
    View of a part of Peeru Hills

    Peeru Hills is named after the Sufi saint, Peer Mohammed, and located only 2 miles (4km) from the hill station town of Peermade in the Idukki district. Peeru Hills is one of the key places to visit in Kerala for all trekkers and nature lovers.

    Waterfall at Peeru Hills  The breathtaking landscape of Peeru Hills
    L: Waterfall at Peeru Hills
    R: The breathtaking landscape of Peeru Hills

    The hills are part of the Western Ghats mountain range, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that should be on everybody’s bucket list. The Western Ghats is known for its biodiversity with many species of flowering plants, mammals, amphibians, birds and fresh water fish. Trekking through Peeru Hills, you might just come across a species that has yet to be discovered.

    Remember to pack a picnic to enjoy after the walk. At 915 metres above sea level, the top of Peeru Hills is the ideal spot to watch the sun rise and set behind the breathtaking landscape of rolling hills and waterfalls.

    Periyar National Park / Wildlife Sanctuary

    Periyar National Park at sunset
    Periyar National Park at sunset

    Periyar National Park, which is often known as Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary or Thekkady, is one of the world’s most well known elephant and tiger reserves. Thekkady is, in fact, the name of the location of the park. With a rich biodiversity of wildlife, the park covers 357 sq. mi. (925 km2) that spans the districts of Idukki and Pathanamthitta in Kerala.

    Elephants at Periyar National Park  
    Elephants at Periyar National Park

    The state is known amongst all nature lovers, and Periyar National Park is one of the places to visit in Kerala to encounter wildlife. This protected area is a majestic home to bison, sambar deer, Nilgiri langur primates, many species of butterflies, birds, fish and reptiles, and even highly endangered species like the lion-tailed macaque and Travancore flying squirrel. It is also the home to up to 1000 elephants and 40 tigers, who are quite good at hiding when they know you are trying to spot them.

    Visit Periyar National Park to have the chance to walk with the elephants, spot creatures you have never even heard of, and simply enjoy nature’s splendour.


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