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  • Places to Visit in Andhra Pradesh

    Andhra Pradesh is a state known for its great natural beauty and wildlife, scenic beaches dotting its vast coastline and places of worship that attract hundreds of thousands of devotees every year.  With the formation of the state of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh has lost out on the splendid city of Hyderabad with its monuments of historical significance and popular tourist spots. While Andhra Pradesh’s loss has been Telangana’s gain, the state still has plenty to offer for the tourist with wanderlust. Here is a glimpse of some of the places to visit in Andhra Pradesh.


    Vishakhapatnam or Vizag, the largest city in Andhra Pradesh is a coastal town known for its pristine beaches and thriving industries. Known as the jewel of the east coast, the city is a natural harbour and shipyard that houses the eastern Naval command of the Indian Navy.

    Andhra Pradesh Places to Visit - Vishakhapatnam


    While in the city, you should visit the INS-Kursura submarine museum to get a glimpse of the life inside a submarine and the history associated with the particular submarine. The site has seen an overwhelming response from tourists ever since it was set up in 2002. Another interesting place to visit would be the Visakha museum that showcases the artefacts and historical treasures of the Kalingandhra region.

    Borra Caves

    Borra cave is the place to visit to experience the beauty of rock formations. Located in the Araku valley, the little known caves are home to stalactites and stalagmites formed amidst rocks surrounded by a scenic mountainous region.

     Andhra Pradesh Places to Visit - Borra Caves

    Borra Caves

    Take the train to Araku valley to pass through beautiful scenery and over forty tunnels that will make the journey extremely thrilling.

    A walk around the caves and at Araku valley will give you a view of the rich biodiversity that surrounds the region and can be a great way to end an evening in contemplative silence.

    Tirumala Temple, Tirupati

    The hilly town of Tirumala is home the Sri Venkateshwara Temple that is the second ‘richest’ Hindu temple in the world. The temple is visited by close to 2 hundred thousand pilgrims each day, making it the most visited place of worship.  Perched on a hill, the temple covered in gold offers spectacular views of the surroundings.

     Andhra Pradesh Places to Visit - Tirupati Temple

    Tirumala Temple

    When in Andhra, since the temple will anyway be a part of your itinerary, set aside a day to also visit places of interest around Tirumala like the Pushkarini tank, the Ashaganga waterfalls and the Papa Vinasanam stream that translates to the stream that can rid you of your sins.

    Nallamala Forest

    A delight to nature lovers, the Nagarjuna-Srisailam tiger reserve carved out of the Nallamala forest boasts of a population of over 75 tigers.  For an urbanite, the forest offers breathtaking views that are soothing to the eye after being subjected to the concrete jungle day after day.

    Andhra Pradesh Places to Visit - Nallamala Forest

    Tigers in the Nallamala Forest

    Driving through the reserve, you can spot a number of animals like the deer, monkeys, chinkara, reptiles and if you are lucky, the majestic tiger even. A great place to be one with nature, the Nallamala forest can certainly help you unwind and lose yourself amidst lush greenery and chirping birds. 

    Andhra Pradesh has been called the Koh-i-noor of India by the tourism board of the state and rightly so since it offers a diverse array of tourist destinations that are a visual treat for every traveller. The best time to visit the state is October- February when the weather is pleasant and alluring. 

    Image credit: Incredibleap, Livemint, Wikipedia, Trawelindia