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Stylish Winter Fashion Essentials | Winter Fashion Essentials to Beat the Chill
Winter Fashion Essentials to Beat the Chill
12 th Dec 2015

Come winter and the only thing we want to do is to snuggle up in bed and never leave! 

But with work that needs to be done and chores that need to be completed, staying inside the house throughout winter is impossible.

Braving the chill however does not have to mean walking out in bundles of clothing that make you resemble a ball of wool.

Given that winters are not too severe in most parts of the country, Indian winter wear can be an intelligent combination of layers and smart woollens that make you look like a million bucks. Once you get the hang of styling winter clothing, you will love the season for all the chances it offers to cosy up in Indian winter clothes. 

However, winter fashion in India is not about overhauling your entire wardrobe with the change in the season. All one needs to do is to pick clothes that will curb the nip in the air or add elements to your existing wardrobe that will help you keep warm. So what are the essentials when it comes to preparing for the chill? Here is the lowdown!


Stylish Black Leather Jacket | Winter Fashion Essentials to Beat the Chill

The easiest way to smarten up any outfit is to throw a jacket over it. Indians have taken cues from global fashion and now jackets have become a staple in Indian winter wear. The reason we love jackets is that they are a versatile addition to your wardrobe and can be paired with just about any outfit. Short or long, fitted or flared, the options to choose from are endless. Pick a jacket as per your body type in a way that it keeps you warm and flatters your figure. A basic black leather jacket is a good option if you are looking for Indian winter clothes that can be worn for a large part of the year. If you are looking for something more snug, then a knee length wool or corduroy jacket will serve your purpose. Wear them over bright separates - a t-shirt or a blouse and team them with denims or leggings or even a skirt!

Scarves and Stoles

There was a time when winter fashion in India meant wearing a sweater and draping a shawl over it. Even today, there is nothing like a layer of wool to keep you cocooned in its warmth but the styles have definitely changed with the times. Today, Indian winter clothes sport modern accents in keeping with global fashion trends. Proof lies in scarves and stoles becoming ‘essentials’ in the winter wardrobe. Why we love scarves is that they help add some colour and character to clothes of the season that are otherwise plain and boring. A silk or a woollen scarf wrapped around your neck is a great way to keep yourself warm and also add a pop of colour to your ensemble.

Jumpers and Pullovers

Snug Grey Jumper | Winter Fashion Essentials to Beat the Chill

This season, oversized pullovers have made a comeback and are scorching the ramp to keep the chill at bay. What was once only a part of men’s Indian winter wear has also become favourite with women today. Not equated to sloppy dressing anymore, wearing a pullover is a surefire way to exude a casual chic vibe. Simply pull one over your everyday basics and you are all set to take on the day. Keep the look interesting by picking pullovers that have fun motifs or prints on them that can perk up even a dull winter day.


If you thought that sweaters are passe when it comes to Indian winter wear, then lets us tell you that nothing looks more chic and stylish than a cashmere sweater worn over an oxford or a blouse! Pick a fitted sweater in muted colours like beige or pastels and team it with a skirt or trousers for a simple, yet smart look. Before you know it, it will become your wardrobe mainstay and perhaps the most used piece of garment during winters.

Tights and Leggings

Printed Black and White Leggings | Winter Fashion Essentials to Beat the Chill

Winter is the perfect time to wear funky printed tights that will add a layer of warmth and an element of colour to your ensemble. Think geometric or aztec print opaque tights that you can wear under your dresses or skirts. If you want to wear solids, then wear them under a printed dress, tuck them into your boots and you are all braced up to face the chill this season. Given that they are so in vogue now and can be worn under just about anything, it is a good idea to stock up on tights and leggings to stay ahead of the Indian winter wear trends.


They keep you warm and they up your style game. What more do you want from any winter wear? Ankle length or knee length flat leather boots worn over tights or jeans will take you through the day comfortably, while stacked or high heels paired with dresses or skirts are perfect for an evening out.

Caps and Beanies

Caps and beanies round up your winter look and also protect your tresses and ears from the biting cold. A warm woollen knitted beret in burgundy or grey is a classic that can be teamed with jackets and dresses while bright and funky beanies look best with jumpers and printed leggings. A neat trick to try while wearing a head-topper is to match it with your lipstick - the final outcome is nothing less than striking!

Layers and Fabrics

Layering | Winter Fashion Essentials to Beat the Chill

Now that you have seen the essentials that will help you keep up with the winter fashion in India, here is something you must consider while picking up any piece of clothing or accessory. Do not always look for thick or coarse fabrics with the thought that they are warmer. Of course that fabrics like khadi and tweed help you keep warm, but that certainly does not mean that you ignore finer fabrics like silk and cashmere. Indian winter wear in silk and cashmere can be timeless additions to your wardrobe that will help you achieve the classic look for years to come. Finer fabrics like these are also quintessential in creating a layered look that will not just keep you warm but also keep you fashion forward.

So go ahead and experiment with layers and put your best foot forward every single time you go out this winter. Stay warm!

Image credit: spentmydollars, aliexpress, lifestuffs, 1moda

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