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Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS15 – Top Picks
Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS15 – Top Picks
16 th Oct 2014

Hosted by the Fashion Design Council of India, the country’s capital recently took centre stage with Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, bringing India’s fashion lovers a week of style, innovation and top trends for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2015.

Wills Lifestyle fashion Week kicked off with collection ‘Pero’ by Aneeth Arora who beautifully captured the essence of Spring/Summer and definitely stood out from the other Designers!

Arora represented Spring/Summer perfectly with a grass green runway set planted with blossoming flowers. Continuing the Spring/Summer theme, Aneeth Arora replaced handbags with watering cans and fashioned floral headpieces to crown each stunning look. A few of the models showcased the delicate pastel flowers buds on their actual garments while others embraced the bigger more blossomed pieces to really flaunt that flower power statement.

The collection is said to be for a woman “who would rather wear flowers in her hair than diamonds around her neck”, and is effortlessly romantic, but at the same time stylish and slightly wacky, as each outfit was teamed with a pair a brightly coloured runner style trainers!

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week - Top Picks Aneeth Arora catwalk 

Wills Lifstyle Fashion Week - Top picks Aneeth Arora catwalk

Along with a pretty pastel palette, designers at Wills lifestyle Fashion Week embraced a geometric take on Spring/Summer 15, by using creamy taupe tones with spurts of yellows and oranges from designers like Pallavi Mohan.

The collection evolved around pastels and soft silhouettes, featured white cotton shirts, pencil skirts and mac style jackets, but also included subtle neon under layers and risky sheer fabrics. These contrasts created a super trendy but beautifully wearable collection that we can see becoming a soon to be global trend, a sure favourite of ours!

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week Pallavi Mohan catwalk

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week Pallavi Mohan catwalk

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week Pallavi Mohan catwalk

On the second day of the five day Spring/Summer Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week spectacular, the tone swiftly changed and there was a more serious message displayed, which was mainly due to Ashish and Vikrant’s collection, ‘Virtues’.

In the first chapter, we were presented with powdery blue pinstripes followed by loose and floaty dusky pink fabrics. Soon after came the powerful presentation about HIV, alongside a message of equality the designers wanted to communicate.

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week-Top picks - Ashish and Vikrant catwalk

The red ribbon displayed in the collection symbolised World Aids Day, and the collection therefore narrated the colour palette with red, white and taupe whivh dominating the latter half of their collection. Trendy wide leg trousers teamed with tailored jackets were a prominent style for the male models, while the ladies rotated long flowing dresses in the trio of colours.

Taking a completely different angle, Alpana & Neeraj’s cute ‘Kawaii’ collection at Will Lifestyle Fashion Week recovered our childhood fantasies of being literally dolled with doll like modelled, with childlike proportions teamed with pastel hues and primary tones making the clothing look like grown up fairy tale fantasies. Alpana & Neeraj’s Japanese dolls in flowing capes and huge oversized bows took over the ramp with perfect combination of cute and stylish.

Alpana and Neeraj's Collection | Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS15 – Top Picks

Carrying on a similar theme, the DreamScape Geisha Designs by Paras & Shalini came with the sole intention of taking us on ‘a sentimental journey in time’ as the gorgeously elegent and innocent evening wear collection unfolded.

Inspired by the idea of ‘fossilised flowers preserved in time’ their collection was accessorized with contrasting gothic bold earrings and ribbons, nude lips and black nails. The perfect balance!

Alpana and Neeraj Walk The Ramp Along With Models | Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS15 – Top Picks

The fashion forecast for next year from this years Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week definitely looks filled with likeable and innovative trends! The event triumphed in uniting Indian, Indo-Western and Western fashion together between established and emerging designers.

Be it ready-to-wear or couture, each designer displayed their vision imaginatively for fashion followers to benefit from their style inspirations.

Pics: Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

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