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From Us to You - Christmas Jewellery for your Loved ones | Beautiful Jewellery for your Loved Ones
From Us to You - Christmas Jewellery for your Loved ones
12 th Dec 2014

Buying Christmas jewellery can be tricky, with so much choice out there it’s hard to know what to pick to suit your loved ones style and needs.

We’re here to make it a little easier; we have selected 9 stunning pieces in a variety of styles, colours and trends, that are sure to tickle any women’s fancy, weather you’re buying for a friend, loved one or even treating yourself, we’ve got it covered! When it comes to jewellery, the more unique and special the better, the Diagold Designer collection by Varda Geonka offers fine jewellery born with passion for creation. Known for it's trendy designs, quality products and exemplary service, each piece undergoes the 4C's test : 'Cut, Clarity, Carat, Colour' and stones are cut with precision to create stunning master pieces. The gold is hallmarked and the diamonds are internationally certified to maintain stringent quality standards.

Christmas Jewellery for your Loved Ones | Top 9 Picks

Find your Favourite Christmas Jewellery here:

1. Sannam Chopra - U Turn Crystal Necklace

2. Sannam Chopra  - Flatter Necklace

3. Sannam Chopra - Journey Through Space Necklace

4. Sannam Chopra - Metal Chain with Blue Beads Necklace

5. Ambar Sahai - Amethyst Drop Earrings

6. Diagold - Bird Emerald Ring

7. Sannam Chopra - Golden Door Earrings

8. Roopa Vohra - Beautifully Detailed Jhumkas

9. Diagold - Round Cut Diamond Ring


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