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Upcoming Designers at Amazon Indian Fashion Week
13 th Oct 2015

With Amazon India Fashion Week having just finished at the weekend, we thought we would take a closer look at six of the upcoming designers who showcased their products at the event for the very first time. Judging by the raptuous reception each of these designers recieved and the range of exciting young designers featured through 'First Cut', India looks set to become a big player on the world fashion stage. 

Lovebirds by Amrita Khanna and Gursi Khan

In 2010 Amrita Khanna opened a vintage clothes shop called Lovebirds, which stocked exclusive vintage designer clothes and accessories from all over the world. Since 2010 Khanna has been creating her own designs as well as collecting and learning about vintage designs through two fashion diplomas from Pearl Academy and London College of Fashion. Khanna has collaborated on Lovebirds with graphic and space designer, Gursi Khan. They started the label in 2013 and have a flagship store in HK Village, Delhi. The duo get their inspiration from a range of themes such as a furniture and food, as well as of course, fashion. Their collection has a minimalist design to create practical and relaxed clothing, aimed at women who lead an active life.


Ikai by Ragini Ahuja

Ahuja lauched Ikai in 2012 and sees it as a fusion of fashion and art. The 27-year-old has always been inspired by an artistic design philosophy which she cultivated at the National Institute of Fashion Technology. Since graduating in 2010 she has worked for the likes of Pratibha Syntex and Abhishek Gupta. While these experiences have been tremendously valuable, her goal has always been to strike out on her own. Since her debut show Brute in 2013 it has been apparent that her style doesn’t necessarily conform to a retail aesthetic, but that her clothes are practical, simple, chic and relaxed.


Dhruv Kapur

Kapur is the 27 year old brain behind DRVV, which is a label inspired by famous works of literature by authors such as Ayn Rand, as well as from mathematical theories he studied as an economics student. Kapur aims to create clothes that people want to “live in”, through a mixture of natural and locally sourced materials. His intricate designs are employed to create unisex clothing which is elegant and timeless.


Dhruv Kapur Drvv on the Runway | Emerging Designers at Amazon India Fashion Week


Anavila Misra

Misra has garnered a lot of attention over the last few years for revolutionising the saree. Although the saree has always been a very popular traditional garment it has rarely been thought of as a particularly comfortable garment. Misra had always felt that sarees were made so they “starched and pinned the wearer into submission”. She decided to set about trying to change this by using organic materials that soft and provide comfort. Her linen sarees are just that – comfortable – and have already been worn by some famous names, such as film director and producer Kiran Rao, and model Dia Mirza.


Anavilla Misra New Sarees | Amazon India Fashion Week

Anavila Misra

Mantra by Shalini James

Shalini James’ impressive range includes floor-length anarkalis and flowing kurtis which cater to a youthful target market. She strongly believes that fashion should be uncomplicated and tries to make clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear. Her label named Mantra designs, manufactures and creates clothes that she herself would love to wear and hope that other women will want to as well. After other twelve years since its inception, Mantra is housed in a state-of-the-art factory.


In addition to these six designers, emerging talent is was strongly championed this year through a collaboration between Elle magazine and Amazon In to launch ‘First Cut’. This new initiative aimed to showcase promising designers, in an attempt to help break down those barriers to entry. Some of the labels and designers featured were Vitasta by Aditi Dhar, Dvibhumi by Vyshnavi, The Meraki Project by Sonali Pamnani, Asa by Shreya Oza, Lola by Suman B and Example by Moutushi & Rituraj.

Image sources: Rediff, NY Daily, Elle In, Trendbridged, The Hindu

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