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Indian Fashion Blog / Stylish Thoughts / Turbans Paris Spring Summer 2013

04 th Jul 2012

We have alway found amusing and exciting how International Fashion Houses take Indian inspirations and influences into their collections as well as the increasing number of global celebrities are taking to Indian fashion as they flaunt their unique fashion statements by Indian designers at various important occasions. The recent Spring Summer 2013 Paris Fashion week finds the renowned western designer Gaultier showcasing Sikhism inspired designs on the runway.

Jean Paul Gaultier's sailor themed collection included pagdis in vibrant hues and even prints as the star accessory. Whilst having a mix of models, from Indians to Europeans to wear turbans as they showcase outfits with miniature drawings of sailing elements and far-off tribes embossed or printed all over them. Dressing up his models in Sikh-styled turbans, teamed with various ensembles such as shorts, blazers, tuxedos, T-shirts and overcoats. Gaultier paid a rich tribute to India, taking it once again from a cultural symbol into a fashionable expression, naturally styled signature collection of his renowned boat stripe style.

So far, his love for Indian culture has been reflecting through his women's wear designs like saree gowns, use of traditional Indian colours, fabrics and stylised lambskin Jodhpurs. A designer that is known to visit India quite often since his first visit to Kolkata in West Bengal and Puri in Orissa, in the 1970s.


Video by Romain Mazuel, Models : Paraskevas c/o Angels & Demons Juan Betancourt c/o MGM David Agbodji c/o Succes Panos c/o Eye Models

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