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THE TRIBAL MOVEMENT - Stylish Thoughts
06 th Jun 2012

The tribal trend has descended onto mood boards and catwalks this season to a vast extent, from international fashion to discreet designer creations.

Mainly applied in prints and weaves, a display of colour that has exploded onto the fashion scene. From bold print layering to softer adaptations within accessories and scarves. And in many cases these are minor details that add up, taking over Western silhouettes with touches of 'exotic' all over.

Looking into the true 'Ethnicity' of ethnic clothing, there's no better place to ensure the most original tribal trend than from it's master.

Yes we have heard of designers going ethnic - inspired by ethnic that is. As the world around us borrows from tribes to send out vibes of cool and fashion forward, we take the true essence of the tribal movement... naturally. From Western Silhouettes to Contemporary Eastern Designs.

top left clockwise: Coin and Jhumka Bracelet - Tribal Sands Skirt by Siddartha Tytler - Gold Jacquard Bell Bottoms by Siddartha Tytler - Double Shackles Bracelet by Eina Ahluwalia - Tribal Treasures Dress by Siddartha Tytler - Ikat Print Polo Top by Rajesh Pratap Singh - Conceptual Notion Handbag by Meera Mahadevia - Emerging Hope Luxury Handbag by Meera Mahadevia

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