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Trendy Indian Outfits We Love-Stylish Thoughts
Trendy Indian Outfits We Love
12 th Apr 2016

Summer is in and indian fashion is blooming!

That’s right, ladies! Now is the time that you can shed those heavier layers and sport your best summer wear! Summer wear is great because it tends to be brighter and lighter, which is perfect when trying to achieve a look that screams both comfort and style.

Here are our top picks of the latest stylish Indian wear by Ropero that you should be wearing this summer:

Sequined Dresses

Ropero’s latest trendy fashion is rather feminine and elegant. The structured cuts, embroidery and sequence work gives the outfits a western look with an indian sensibility. These new stylishly trendy cuts bring together the often-opposing sides of western style outfits and traditional Indian outfits. 

Sequin Adorned Chic Black Tunic |

Roperos sequen adorned sleevles black tunic exudes elegance and grace. The stylish geometic pattern, hand embroidery and sequins makes the dress the perfect choice for evening wear. The dress can be worn on its own or paired with black leggings during colder weather. 


Ropero's rose quartz silk dress is an elegant and stylish number that features pale peach threadwork, sequins and crystals. The intricate details make the dress stand out and give it a royal appeal.

Regal Silk and Lace Gown

Finally, this regal silk and lace gown will leave onlookers enchanted by the intricate black appliqué lace, pale peach appliqué lace and artfully layered skirt.

Metallic Crop Topske

While our designers are all seemingly looking to global fashion trends for inspiration, Ropero is one brand that is managing to stick its ground while also producing globally popular silhouettes. Ropero has used the Indian fabric brocade and blended it with a mixture of elegance and sophistication.

Bejewelled Metallic Gold Shirt

For a glamorous party look, you can't go wrong with this classy Ropero metallic gold shirt. The shirts buttoned up front is adorned with hand embroidered tear drop shaped gold crystals and round black and white crystals. The versatile shirt can be teamed with shorts, a skirt of jeans for a dressy or more casual look.

Plush Gold Crop Top

Ropero brings a contemporary twist to the conventional crop-top with the use of vibrant gold brocade fabric, and black piping along the seams to give it a funky edge.

Pleated Trousers

Applique Work Side Panel Pants

Ropero’s Applique Work Side Panel Pants align brilliantly with the crop tops mentioned earlier. They feature a black sheeted sequin panel and leatherette strips in front giving the illusion of pockets and zip

Dhoti Pants and Jumpsuits 

Chic Nude and Beige Jumpsuit

While Dhoti pants have been popular for a while now, they are currently the new 'it' item of clothing. Ropero’s versatile glamorous beige jumpsuit can be worn as office wear or as evening wear.

The above styles beautifully combine luxury and comfort, so grab the latest trends as showcased by Ropero to slay this summer!

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