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The Key Trends From Lakme Fashion Week Resort/Summer 2017: An Unbiased Compilation
Trends From Lakme Fashion Week Resort/Summer 2017 - An Unbiased Compilation
13 th Feb 2017

Another concluded fashion week. Another round of publicity shots of ONLY Bollywood celebrities walking as showstoppers. Another excuse for mindless drones to blindly copy the same 10-15 pieces splashed across every media outlet. These occurrences have become so commonplace in fashion reporting that they’re almost considered a norm. There might be the odd publication here or there that does a genuine run through of each designer’s show and makes the effort to look through countless photos to weed out designs that were true stand-outs.

It’s rather pointless to blame only the media for the excessive filtering of fashion weeks. Because quite frankly today’s newsreaders are the fickle and restless sort. They can’t be bothered with the details just as long as they get the gist of the proceedings. Bollywood sells. And when you’re trying to grab the attention of a generation of 140-character obsessed Tweeple, it’s also the most effective way of going about the business.

Without harping on too much about the symbiotic relationship between fashion and Bollywood and whether it’s helping or hurting the industry in general, we decided it’s best to sidestep that landmine and get to the point. Fashion weeks are for the purpose of creating trends. Designers are given the opportunity to create ripples and stir up a storm such that fashion lovers sit back and take notice. In line with that sentiment we’ve compiled of list of names that brought to the fore something characteristically unique and ofcourse – Trendsetting!

1. AM.IT by Amit Aggarwal

Aggarwal’s collection at the Lakme Fashion Week Resort/Summer 2017 purported the use of unconventional materials. His take on going pro-environment is not limited to the use of organic materials but also intelligently incorporating by-products of technology and industry into clothing design. In keeping with his eco-conscious sensibilities his collection hinged on the upcycling of old, ripped, traditional, hand-woven Patola sarees by fusing them with modern industrial elements. The result is a sustainable yet totally modern almost futuristic collection that’s part Jetsons and part rural Indian.

LFW Summer/Resort 2017 - AM.IT by Amit Aggarwal

LFW Summer Resort 2017 - AM.IT by Amit Aggarwal

2. AMOH by Jade

Designer duo Monica Shah and Karishma Shah of Jade fame presented their latest collection titled “Amaat” meaning “boundless qualities” under their label Amoh. Every piece in the show was seamlessly constructed on the principle of versatility as every garment could work wonderfully when mixed and matched. The colour palate of crimson, coral and tangerine exuded the delicious freshness of summer as structured corsets and draped flowing skirts made their way down the runway.

LFW Summer Resort 2017 - AMOH by Jade

3. Payal Singhal

A collection celebrating the dark romanticism of Agatha Christie’s murder mystery ‘Death On The Nile’ and aptly titled ‘Lady M’ comprised Payal Singhal’s Lakme Fashion Week Resort/Summer 2017 outing. The 1930s inspired collection embraces a sense of languidness and fluidity. Silhouettes like drop waists, fringes and tassels interspersed with Indian textiles make these pieces a Gatsby loving diva’s dream come true. As the models sashayed down the ramp to the music of La La Land, fashion editors and buyers gave their collective nod to each noir influenced garment.

LFW Summer Resort 2017 Payal Singhal 1

LFW Summer Resort 2017 Payal Singhal 2

4. Nupur Kanoi

“Lost & Found in Africa” marked Nupur Kanoi’s comeback after a few missed seasons at the fashion weeks. The collection was heavily influenced by the tribal rituals of body piercing and tattooing, depicted in the pieces through tie-dye and embellishments. Nupur’s collection was distinctly split in two halves as one focused on the creation of optical illusions on ombré backdrops and the second featured embellishments on grey. The collection was geared towards the feel-good factor of fashion mixed with a sensuality that every woman desires.

LFW Summer Resort 2017 Nupur Kanoi 1

LFW Summer Resort 2017 Nupur Kanoi 2

5. Tarun Tahiliani

It wouldn’t be a Tarun Tahiliani show if it didn’t give us major #fashiongoals! The grand maestro of Indian fashion reinvented indo-western dressing like no other for his Lakme Fashion Week Resort/Summer 2017 collection. Glistening silk and satin shirts paired with pastel Banarasi lehengas, resort saris in crush floral print fabrics and Tarun’s trademark saree-gown silhouettes made for absolutely on-point summer wedding outfits. As always the designer kept his colour palette muted, subtle and understated allowing the intricate and impeccable tailoring and craftsmanship to shine.

LFW Summer Resort 2017 Tarun Tahiliani 1

LFW Summer Resort 2017 Tarun Tahiliani 2



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