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Trend Watch: Elegant and Comfortable Pre-Stitched Sarees
26 th Sep 2014

Sarees are synonymous with Indian culture and its rich heritage. The traditional outfit does not just flatter the body but also looks rich and elegant at the same time. This makes sarees are an integral part of every bride’s trousseau and the garment of choice for festivities. You will find rich Kanjeevarams, Benaras and other silk sarees in every Indian woman’s wardrobe that get passed on from one generation to another because of their sheer beauty and value. Little wonder that sarees are also one of the most sought after Indian wear online.

While the saree works magically to highlight your body when worn well, it can look very unflattering if the drape is off. If you do not wear the saree on a daily basis, it is quite possible that you would not know how to drape it the right way. If you do not have the skill to do it, the saree is a tough beast to tame and it can take hours to get the pleats and the folds right. If you are looking to learn the art of draping a saree then this video about 'How to wear a saree' should get you started. But of late, women are settling for anarkali suits or lehengas when looking for Indian wear online simply because of the convenience that these outfits offer. 

But the good news for all the saree enthusiasts is emergence of a new trend called the “Pre-Stitched” or “Pre-Draped” saree. The saree comes in the form of separates – a blouse and a skirt with an attached pallu. All that you need to do is to drape the pallu over the blouse and secure it with a brooch or a pin. Sounds convenient? It looks gorgeous too! With rising popularity of the trend, many designers are now offering pre-stitched sarees in their collection. The sarees are not just great for festive occasions but also for day to day wear. What’s more, they feature rich embellishments or eclectic prints to suit your mood. We too have chosen some scintillating pieces of pre-stitched sarees to add to our rich collection of Indian wear online. Here is a peek at the styles from our collection.

Kaftan Draped Saree for Daily Wear

This innovative kaftan drape saree by Sougat Paul features a printed blouse and skirt and a colour blocked draped. If you are looking for unconventional Indian wear online, then this is the right pick for you!

 Innovative Kaftan Drape Saree | Trend Watch: Elegant and Comfortable Pre-stitched Sarees

Gorgeous Pink Lehenga Saree

Is it a saree? Is it a lehenga? It is both! This pre-stitched saree by Neha Gursahani gives you the best of both the worlds - it features a lehenga with an attached drape and a beautifully embellished blouse. Wear it for the upcoming festive occasions and we guarantee that you will be the centre of all the attention.

Pink Pre-Draped Lengha Saree | Trend Watch: Elegant and Comfortable Pre-stitched Sarees

Amber Saree

If you have put off wearing a saree during your wedding events because of its inconvenience, then this Sougat Paul saree in a gorgeous amber colour is the pick for you. It is light, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye. Its heavily embellished sheer-solid blouse with striking purple hue at the back adds a zing to the outfit and makes it fit for a pre-wedding party.

 Amber Saree | Trend Watch: Elegant and Comfortable Pre-stitched Sarees


So the next time you are looking to buy Indian wear online, keep an eye open for these Pre-Stitched sarees. They are not just hot on the runway, but also among wedding shoppers. When an outfit offers the comfort of a skirt and the elegance of a saree, it is but obvious that it is a must have in your wardrobe. So go ahead and pick your favourite style for the festive season.  

Image Source: Strand of Silk

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