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The trend of modern designer tunics-strand-of-silk-stylish thoughts
The Trend of Modern Designer Tunics
30 th Sep 2015

Tunics are wardrobe essentials, as they are easy to slip on, easy to carry and flatter any body shape. Women all over the world love this must have outfit which can be styled according to any season; summer, winter or monsoon.

This garb with universal appeal has its origin in Ancient Rome. The modern day tunic of course varies substantially from the original and there are a myriad of options available if you are looking for trendy designer tunics to update your look.

The various silhouettes of designer tunics, available in sync with the modern day trends, can be elaborated as follows:

Kurta / Kurti

This type of tunic is popularly worn in the Indian subcontinent. The word kurta has Persian descent and it means ‘a collarless shirt’. Traditionally the kurta was worn by men and women pairing it with salwars, churidars or dhotis. However the modern kurta is teamed with trendy skinny pants, palazzos or leggings, which gives it a very contemporary outlook. A kurti is a shorter kurta with its hem falling around the hip.

The kurta inspired creations of modern designers have given this tunic a global appeal. The modernisation of kurta has blurred the line between ethnic and western wear, and the resulting designer tunics are very popular across the world.

The kurta offers the advantage of giving a formal or a casual look. High collar kurtas called bandgalas give a very professional look while a relaxed cotton, printed kurta can be an accomplice to the casual image. With the use of embroidery and rich fabrics the kurta can don an opulent avatar for parties. The pastel chikankari kurtas work well for downplayed summer looks. The range of possible looks offered by kurtas makes it a favourite with the Indian designers for creating outstanding designer tunics.

Modern kurtas

The Trend of Modern Designer Tunics | mens kurta


The kaftan has an ancient Mesopotamian origin and it has found its way into the global wardrobe from the Middle Eastern ethnic groups. Traditionally kaftans have also been a part of African, Persian, Russian and Jewish communities. The Kashmiris of India have also favoured beautifully embroidered kaftans for ages.

The kaftan gives a robe like look with its flowing relaxed fit. The sleeves of kaftans are not fitted and fall loosely to merge with the outfit on sides. Kaftan is also preferred by full figured women as a printed kaftan conceals contours.

The modern designer kaftans can be short or have a longer profile. The shorter ones can be displayed with pants while the longer kaftans can work as a complete dress on their own. The kaftan inspired designer tunics can also have a belt or drawstrings near the waist for structure. The kaftans in lighter fabrics like georgette and chiffon, with flower prints, are also popular as resort wear. Designer tunics with kaftan silhouettes having embellishments and using fabrics like silk can transform into dazzling evening wears.

The Trend of Modern Designer Tunics | Modern kaftans

Western Tunics

Tunic tops with western silhouettes are a popular clothing item among women and they are generally paired with jeans, pants, skirts or leggings. According to the prints and the look these tunics exhibit, they suit well for a casual party or can be carried to work. The western designer tunics are also customised as fall and winter wear and it is a popular trend to wear a long tunic sweater with leggings and boots when the weather is colder.

A tunic paired with pants looks more updated than the T-shirt look for a casual outing and the tunic provides more style options in formal wear as compared to shirts.

The Trend of Modern Designer Tunics | Western tunics

Contemporary Fashion Tunics

The contemporary fashion tunics have very imaginative profiles. These designer tunics take inspiration from the global silhouettes to give exotic results. The fashionable styles of asymmetrical cuts, modern fabrics blended with traditional and trendy sleeves and hems give an edgy feel to the designer tunics.

The Trend of Modern Designer Tunics | Contemporary tunics

Contemporary tunics offered on Strand of Silk

The Trend of Modern Designer Tunics | Trendy tunics on strand of silk

Few talented fashion designers of India have made a name for themselves in the Indian fashion world dominated by fine bridal wear, by creating inimitable designer tunics.

Raajesh Pratap Singh: Raajesh is known for creating contemporary international style tunics. Subtle details, play of fabrics and using interesting contemporary embroidery techniques like faggotting represent his style of designer tunics.

The Trend of Modern Designer Tunics | Raajesh Pratap Singh

Neeru Kumar: Designer tunics in luxurious fabrics, with minimalistic detailing using sequins and prints, represent Neeru Kumar. Her elegant tunics with contemporary motifs and colours are awe-inspiring.

The Trend of Modern Designer Tunics | Neeru Kumar tunics

Abraham and Thakore: The duo is known to create chic looks with their designer tunics, with their signature international style.

The Trend of Modern Designer Tunic | Abraham and Thakore tunics

Siddhartha Tytler: Designer tunics with modern detailing and flattering silhouettes, by this Delhi based designer are to watch out for. Siddhartha knows the trick of adding glamour to any minimalistic contemporary tunic.

Siddhartha Tytler tunics

We offer a range of contemporary designer tunics from the above creative designers. The covetable collection of designer tunics displayed on our site is available in a range of eclectic choices here.

The modern designer tunics represent a global citizen as they are acceptable attire in any part of the world. In a true sense, the tunic transcends national and cultural boundaries. 

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