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TREND FILES : AUTUMN WINTER 2011 - Stylish Thoughts
24 th Feb 2012

Forties Glamour

Elegance, style, glamour has come back to the fore from the forties. Long flowing gowns, cinched waists, structured chic, have made a comeback to the new age. With belts to accentuate the fit waist and floral prints to adorn the skirt the sleek drama is making waves once again. We see am:pm with beautiful long floral lace print gowns and accentuated print dresses that pay the forties glamour a visit this season.

Shop the Trend (pieces in order left to right) :
Asymmetric Cocktail Dress by am:pm
Soft Flowered Cocktail Dress by am:pm
Printed Silk Shorts by am:pm

Prints and patterns

Floral prints, graphic prints, and prints in general showed up as main stays and created a surprising autumn winter entry. They came in all sizes from subtle patterns to large bold prints that took centre stage and created an engaging perfect picture. Either in a geometric, even pattern or an artistic pattern they were all the cynosure of every eye. They even showed in the menswear in the form of a bold graphic pattern. We saw them in am:pm and Rajesh Pratap Singh

Shop the Trend (pieces in order left to right) :
Boat Neck Silk Top by am:pm
Golden Face Printed Silk Shirt by Rajesh Pratap Singh
Linen Jacket with Felt Patchwork by Rajesh Pratap Singh
Leather Sequin Dress by Rajesh Pratap Singh

Super Glam

Gold, silver, solid colours and patterns with weight upped the glam quotient and fashioned a sparkling setting. Showing up as sequined detail work, subtle and elegant glistening fabric they generated a grandiose aura around. Subtle flattering shapes, and layered outfits or fitted to flowing pattern or design was seen as were the sheer and glossy fabric which in itself was super glam bang on. Shown in Abraham And Thakore, Rajesh Pratap Singh and Siddartha Tytler

Shop the Trend (pieces in order left to right) :
Sequined Green Silk Shirt by Rajesh Pratap Singh
Wrap Sequin Shirt by Abraham & Thakore
Abstract Printed Dress by Siddartha Tytler

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