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Trend Alert: Puffy Sleeves
Trend Alert: Puffy Sleeves
19 th Sep 2019

Ahhhh Puffy Sleeves! The statement sleeve style is all the rage in 2019 and we’re decoding how our favourite B-town celebrities are incorporating it into their wardrobes. If you feel you have flabby arms, ugly bat wings or toothpick thin appendages, a puffy sleeve is the cure all for all your woes. Additionally with autumn and winter nearly here, there is certainly a need to embrace trends that look amazing whilst you cover up. As you put away your cute crop tops, flimsy shirts, simple tanks and basic tees until summer returns, it’s also time to invest in a few on-point pieces.

Puffy sleeves have been around ever since the 60s when it was all about femininity. Cut to 2019 the puffy sleeve has returned with an edgier and avant garde twist. Luxury fashion house Balmain have been instrumental in this transformation thanks to their conceptualisation of the power shoulder blazer. These days the puffy sleeve is on form fitting red carpet gowns to crisp white shirts and everything in between. Making it totally accessible for all women and wearable in every situation.

The key with pulling off the puffy sleeves look is to focus on balancing out the proportions of your entire ensemble. Like with any other attention grabbing detail, it’s important to tone down everything else in the outfit for that seamless look. Fitted trousers, bandage skirts or slim fit jeans are ideal when styling separates with puffy sleeve tops. If you can’t be bothered with pairing pieces then let the puffy sleeves take centre stage with dresses, gowns and jumpsuits. Deciding to go all out and loud or minimal and coy is totally upto you and the occasion you choose to rock your puffy sleeves.

Alia Bhatt

The young starlet is a puffy sleeves enthusiast often spotted in the trend for numerous events both formal and casual. The petite star always wears her puffy sleeve outfits with a waist cinching detail like a belt or band so it doesn’t look frumpy and misshapen. She also opts for a lower neckline to flash a little skin to prevent the voluminous sleeves from overpowering her tiny frame.

Puffy Sleeves | Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt Wearing Puffy Sleeves

Priyanka Chopra

Conversely the voluptuous PeeCee often wears her puffy sleeve ensembles with high necks and figure hugging silhouettes. This trick allows her to really show off those curves while adding a bit of drama to otherwise understated garments. She also avoids too much volume on the sleeves as it would take away from the overall hourglass illusion.

Puffy Sleeves | Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Wearing Puffy Sleeves

Sonam Kapoor

Smack down in between her two contemporaries is Sonam Kapoor whose body type is more natural and common amongst women. She neither too small or too curvy which means she can work the puffy sleeve trend with many more silhouette options. She’s been sporting puffy sleeves on everything from off-duty casual shirts with mom jeans to monochrome androgynous pant suits to flirty chic gowns and dresses. Proving the versatility of the trend with smart styling.

Puffy Sleeves | Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor Wearing Puffy Sleeves

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

The lithe and slender Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s yoga toned body is the envy of women everywhere but her outfits are often dupe friendly for everyone. She prides herself in promoting the image of a relatable working mom and her puffy sleeve picks are no different. Her puffy sleeve silhouette choices are more relaxed pieces like a crop top with bell bottom trousers, a flowing saree with a funky blouse or a lace jumpsuit. Always dipping her toes in the trend but not going all the way with it. Shilpa’s outfits are brilliant starting point options for those of you who are sceptical about carrying it off. However we must admit the beautifully draped printed saree with the totally unconventional puffy sleeve blouse is a style upgrade waiting to be tried and tested this Diwali.

Puffy Sleeves | Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty Kundra Wearing Puffy Sleeves

Deepika Padukone

While the towering and statuesque DP would look good in a sack of potatoes and there is little anyone can do except curse their own genetics about not looking like that. Deepika certainly makes a case for the fantastic body balancing properties of puffy sleeves for tall women. Just like Alia she ensures a dignified amount of skin show with every puffy sleeve ensemble so it doesn’t look like the outfit is wearing her instead. Deepika has experimented with plenty of shapes and styles in conjunction with puffy sleeves firmly establishing that it’s extremely easy to pull off this look with a longer torso. She’s also mastered the art of the slick hair do and minimal make up so it doesn’t look like there is way too much going on at the top.

Puffy Sleeves | Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone Wearing Puffy Sleeves


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