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Top New Indian Designers who Represent Young India | Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar Present NorBlack NorWhite
Top New Indian Designers who Represent Young India
19 th Dec 2014

The end of the year is here and the fashion trends of the season have definitely favoured the young and vibrant Indian designers who have redefined the aesthetics of the industry through revivals and reinterpretations of traditional textiles and modern style. We bring you the designers who definitely have the power to revolutionise your wardrobe through their radical fashion creations.


Anavila Misra

Anavila is part of those young Indian designers who strictly believe that the traditional is the eternal statement of style. She uses textiles like linen to create casual and fashionable sarees using techniques from regions like Jharkhand in India, usually in muted colours like grey with hints of metallic shades. Her clothes are not meant only for catwalks and fashion spreads, but are to be worn on the streets as everyday-wear. Her choice of pure linen fabrics is to make her creations as comfortable as possible for the sultry alleys of India.

Anavila's Collection

Her clothes have been donned by the likes of Madhuri Dixit, Sonali Bendre and Tillotama Shome and other award-winning actress. Interestingly, she chose women from the Santhal tribe as her official models to showcase her creations in various photoshoots.

Ragini Ahuja

Her brand ‘Ikai’ pulls out inspiration from tribal art aesthetics of India and reworks them into clothes clearly meant for a fashion-forward, metropolitan clientèle belonging to the modern world. She juxtaposes soft, flowing fabrics like Chanderi with structured, geometrical leather garments to create an edgy and dramatic look for the runway. Ragini seems to veer towards ‘Western’ types of garments like tops, pants, maxis and jackets, but there is a modern Indian sensibility, which makes her unique. Ragini is one of those Indian designers who can make ‘Western’ clothes seem like ‘Indian’ and traditional clothes seem ultra-modern.

Ragini Ahuja Presents Ikai at Lakme Fashion Week

Ujjwal Dubey

‘Antar-Agni’, the name of Dubey’s brand, roughly translates into ‘Inner-Fire’ and it describes his clothes well. The power of his clothes rest in the character of the textiles that are merely enhanced and utilised through clean cuts and expert techniques. Apart from India, Dubey’s clothes are inspired from the traditions of Afghans and other Middle-eastern legacies. Colours like brown, black and grey dominate his collection and although he designs for women too, but he seems to have a preference for creating menswear. His latest collection presented a rugged look with loose, Afghani pants and asymmetrical coats and tunics.

Ujjwal Dubey with his Models at Jabong Fashion Week

 A favourite of actors like Arjun Kapoor and Irrfan Khan from the Hindi film industry, Ujjwal is one the shining young stars among the Indian Designers.

Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar

These two women are Canadian-born Indian Designers who have moved to India with a mission to make traditional clothes more relevant to the youth. Their designs, sold under the label 'NorBlack NorWhite’ are eclectic, bright, multi-coloured and have a hipster-vibe to them. These indie designers have never showcased at any fashion week but are experts in their own niche. Their most famous creation seems to be the Bandhani bomber jacket, which they created along with craftsmen from the Kucch region of Gujarat. These jackets completely overturn the usual rough, macho aesthetics of a conventional bomber jacket into a playful, bright and silk-embroidered garment.  They have also worked with people from the North-East region of India and have employed various traditional techniques for their designs.

Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar Present NorBlack NorWhite

These are the Indian designers you should look out for when you decide to upgrade your fashion quotient next year!


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