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Top Fashion Trends for the Rainy Season-Stylish Thoughts
Top Fashion Trends for the Rainy Season
20 th Jun 2015

While the rains bring with them much needed relief from the oppressive heat and humidity, they also bring along problems like clothes getting sodden and dirty from the downpour and mucky roads. The coming of rains does not mean that you should wrap yourself in a windcheater and stop dressing up.

Rainy season clothes do not have to be boring and depressing. In fact, rainy season is perhaps the time when you can have most fun with your clothes.

It is time to bring out your shorts, skirts and gum boots. It is a season that lets you flaunt colourful umbrellas and hairdos that can make you look like a totally new person altogether. Here is a quick guide to rainy season fashion.

Quick Dos and Don’ts

  • Full length outfits are a complete no-no – you don’t want to be walking into your workplace with slush on your hemline. So stay away from wearing full length dresses this season. Go for knee length skirts, shorts or capris this season.
  • Avoid denims – While denims are versatile and look great all year round, the problem with them is that once they get wet, they take ages to dry. The secret behind great rainy season clothes is to wear clothes that dry out quickly. Think cottons, nylon and linen.
  • Go for bright cheerful prints – It is the season when the sun makes an occasional visit and the environment is damp and dreary. So perk up your surroundings with clothes in vibrant colours and gorgeous prints.
  • Avoid heavily embellished outfits – Monsoons are about letting your spirit fly and heavy garments simply won’t let you do that. Go for light and fluidic fabrics. In fact, this is one season where we would suggest going in for synthetic materials as well since they are easy to maintain – simply wash and wear.

Rainy Season Clothes Ideas

Tops and Dresses

Top Fashion Trends for the Rainy Season - Peach Dress

Opt for printed or solid tops in bright colours. Nylon and georgette are good options but make sure you stay away from sheer – you don’t want to be soaked to the bone and the sheer top turning transparent.

Synthetic fabrics that dry easily are your best bet for rainy season clothes.


Go in for knee length or calf length outfits like shorts, dresses, skirts or pants. This way, you can be sure of not spoiling your rainy season clothes from all the mud and slush on the roads.


Top Fashion Trends for the Rainy Season - Rain Jackets

A rain jacket or a trench coat is a must have among rainy season clothes. Pick one that is light, easy to pack in your bag and that gives you excellent coverage. Ditch the boring greys and browns and go in for trendy trench coats in bright colours this rainy season.


The most important aspect of dressing during the rains is the kind of footwear you use. Flip flops and clogs are the most popular footwear choices during the rains – they are colourful, easy to wash and maintain during the rains.

Waterproof bags

Top Fashion Trends for the Rainy Season - Waterproof Tote

The market is inundated with tote bags in waterproof transparent material with vibrant designs on it. Though the bag is see through, it adds a nice playful touch to the outfit. If you are feeling adventurous, you can go ahead and experiment with one such bag. If not, then at least set aside your leather bag for the season and pick a different bag in a waterproof material that will match your rainy season clothes.


The best way to flaunt colours during the rainy season is with an umbrella. Umbrellas don’t just protect you from the rains but also complete your look. Umbrellas in solid colours are a safe bet but you can give wings to your fashion sense and also pick one that is a riot of colours – not only will you evidently stand out in the crowd but will also make a lasting style statement!

Now that you can see that dressing for the rains does not have to be an arduous task, why not infuse some colour to your wardrobe and take on the rains in style?

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