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Photo of Sonam Kapoor | Style Tips We’ve Picked Up From Sonam Kapoor
Things We Love About Style Icon Sonam Kapoor
19 th Jan 2016

From a celebrity kid to an ultimate fashion diva, Sonam Kapoor is one of the most sought after Bollywood celebrities.

Apart from her acting prowess, the vivacious actress is known for her inimitable fashion sense. She is fearless and her love for experimentation is evident in her outfits.

Her unique selling point certainly lies in the fact that she is brutally honest with her opinions unlike her peers. She speaks her mind and avoids the safe way of being politically correct. She is bold and beautiful and her frank attitude is to die for.

All these qualities make her uber hot. Sonam never chose to be called just Anil Kapoor’s daughter rather she paved her way to glory and is successful on her own terms.  She is an undefeated queen of style and her dressing sense portrays her bubbly personality.

Her wardrobe and the way she effortlessly styles every look is unbelievable. She has bagged the title of being the most stylish actress in the film industry. With the title comes the responsibility to justify it and Sonam has always made a point that her style statement becomes talk of the town.  

So without wasting another minute let’s decode her style quotient for all you fashion fanatics out there.

If someone has taken Bollywood fashion head on, it’s Sonam!

The sultry actress is never coy when it comes to fashion and style, instead she dives in unafraid to try different style and mesmerizes everyone in the process. Be it her high-end designer gowns or traditional attires, she makes us go wow every time with her choice of outfit. This leading lady of film fraternity boasts to have a great wardrobe with national and international designer wear. She has a global appeal in terms of clothes and accessories and the way she mix and matches. Sonam Kapoor’s style is all about taking fashion risks and justifying it with utmost perfection. 

Sonam Kapoor at Tommy Hilfiger | Style Tips We’ve Picked Up From Sonam Kapoor

Honesty is indeed the best policy for Sonam

Apart from being a renowned actress, Sonam is a great human being too. Her living mantra is to be honest with her views and opinions. She speaks her mind and is very frank when it comes to expressing her thoughts. Moreover she is not bothered about being a public figure and comes across as grounded and down to earth. Like when she expressed her fear of falling down in a designer gown while walking the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival or when she confessed that it takes an army of people to make stars look like stars. We simply adore her for her honesty!

Sonam Kapoor at Cannes | Style Tips We’ve Picked Up From Sonam Kapoor

She takes joy in being called the ‘Queen of Jewels’

Sonam’s love for ethnic as well as contemporary jewelry is something we all know about. The versatile actress loves to flaunt statement neckpieces in gold and diamond. So much so that it often seems like she may have raided her mother’s jewelry box. Stylish Sonam Kapoor can be credited with reviving old-world jewelry and creating a fusion by pairing it with western dresses. You will find the fashionista wearing a lot of chokers, kundan neckpieces and other contemporary neckpieces both with her ethnic and western outfits. The way she coordinates her dress and accessories is a delight to watch!

Style Tips We’ve Picked Up From Sonam Kapoor

She treats her crew as family and has BFF’s in tinsel town

Sonam makes a point that she acknowledges and appreciates her crew for all the things they do for her, from taking care of her fitness regime to glamming her up for events. She befriends her staff and appreciates them by public shout-outs on social media platforms. She is also known for having best friends in industry. Where everyone else is involved in cat fights, Sonam opposes cattiness and endorses celeb female friendships.  

Style Tips We’ve Picked Up From Sonam Kapoor

We adore and admire you girl! Kudos to you, for being who you are! All you Sonam’s fans out there take a leaf from the style icon’s book and follow her example!

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