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Take Notes From Kriti Sanon's Fusion Style
Take Notes From Kriti Sanon's Fusion Style
07 th Jan 2020

Statuesque stunner Kriti Sanon has been slowly but surely making inroads onto the Bollywood A-list since her debut in the industry a few years ago. The self-confessed gym rat and fitness freak certainly has the hot bod to attest to her committed and disciplined lifestyle. She often posts about her work outs on her social media and is also photographed leaving Mumbai eateries that specialise in dishing out healthy fare. Clearly this lass doesn’t believe is scoffing down a burger and some fries even on her cheat days. It’s this kind of complete dedication both personally and professionally that’s winning her major accolades in the highly competitive world of movies.

She certainly has the fit is sexy look nailed so she could honestly wear a sack of potatoes and still look stunning. But the girl knows that the secret to mega success in Bollywood is knowing the art of turning heads with flawlessly curated looks that stand out every time. Along with stylist Sukriti Grover, she has been carving out a niche for herself with each public outing and media photoshoot. Her aesthetic can be best described as boho-chic with an unconventional twist. It’s just the sort of fluid interpretation of trends that a young actress needs to get adept at to be considered on-point but also unique.

Kriti and Sukriti certainly work from this distinct fashion philosophy when putting together looks that effortlessly work contrasting elements together. Unusual pairings that are not often seen together is their particular forte. Whether it’s teaming kolhapuri chappals with an embellished short dress, an ethnic printed sari or separates with sneakers, oxidised silver jewellery with anti-fit silhouettes or reworking existing patterns, Kriti’s fusion looks are an essential lesson in contemporary Indian dressing.

This formula for juxtaposed dressing elements might seem a bit strange and almost too much for the uninitiated but you don’t need to dive right in. If you’re taking a page out of Kriti’s fusion dressing handbook but are a bit overwhelmed by the jarring contrasts then there is certainly a milder starting point. Pick from her safer looks that are a play on modern interpretations of traditional patterns instead. Crop tops with dhoti trousers and printed overlays, mixed print palazzo sets and concept saris with frill blouses are all equally stunning yet way less experimental choices to make a start with your fusion dressing journey.

The basic idea behind Kriti’s homerun looks is a mix and match of ethnic clothes with modern accents. It’s always a balancing act between the traditional and contemporary components in each look to deliver a result that’s seamless and fashion forward. Admittedly stylist Sukriti already has the perfect canvas in Kriti to flex her sartorial muscle but confidence is key with these unconventional ensembles. We could go on and on about the principles of acing the ideal fusion look but it wouldn’t be as effective as pictorial references.

Here are all the times Kriti aced fusion dressing that can serve as bookmark worthy inspirations for your own looks. The list features a healthy mix of Indian designer names proving that she’s able to carry off every kind of silhouette. And that’s something that cannot be taught but only attained with fearless self-belief and the need to stick out in a good way.

Kriti Sanon | Manish Malhotra

Kriti Sanon In Manish Malhotra

Kriti Sanon | Anoli Shah

Kriti Sanon In Anoli Shah

Kriti Sanon | Ridhima Bhasin

Kriti Sanon In Ridhima Bhasin

Kriti Sanon | Abraham Thakore

Kriti Sanon In Abraham & Thakore

Kriti Sanon | Ereena International

Kriti Sanon In Ereena International

Kriti Sanon | Anamika Khanna

Kriti Sanon In Anamika Khanna

Kriti Sanon | Antar Agni

Kriti Sanon In Antar Agni

Kriti Sanon | Papa Don't Preach By Shubhika

Kriti Sanon In Papa Don’t Preach By Shubhika




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