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2015 Summer Lookbook
Summerwear 2015 - Fashion Lookbook
14 th May 2015

Every season brings in fresh fashion with runways that are brimming with inspiration to revamp your wardrobe.

Summer presents an opportunity to get rid of all the layers of winter to refresh your wardrobe with breezy outfits that are in sync with the season.

This summer, the look is all about fashion that is smart, fuss-free and wearable. For all the beauties looking to be in step with the current summer trends, here is our look book for summerwear 2015.


2015 Summer Lookbook - Khakhi

Khakhi first hit the runway over forty years ago and created ripples in its very first appearance itself. Its timeless appeal is evident from the fact that it has made a comeback in summerwear 2015, with many designers like Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren giving a nod to khakhi. Practical shirts, tunics and pants in khakhi with military silhouettes and nautical styles.

Shirt Dresses

2015 Summer Lookbook - Shirt Dresses

They look like a shirt and act like a dress. Shirt-dresses are cool, breezy, wearable and so comfortable that you can never have too many of these this summer! What’s more, it makes for the perfect outfit when you are in no mood to play dress up and can work as both a great option for work and play! Choose stripes, florals or solid dresses in light and vibrant colours to perk up your mood this summer!


The trend from 2014 is sticking around this year as well as the most sought after summerwear 2015 . The loose fit, comfortable silhouette and smooth structure makes culottes a hit among fashion lovers. More about these trousers here

2015 Summer Lookbook - Culottes

What makes them versatile is the fact that you can even wear them to work with a tailored jacket or a button down shirt. Get some now in stripes, prints or a solid colour and embrace the ‘it’ trend of 2015.

Bring in Sunshine

2015 Summer Lookbook - Yellow Dress

We know that summer already has loads of sunshine but you can make your days brighter and more cheery by adding bright colours to your wardrobe. Think yellow, mint green and pink. The big trend in summerwear 2015 is most certainly sporting different shades of yellow, ranging from marigold, canary to lemon yellow.

Sure, it is bright, but what’s summer without some bright colours?


2015 Summer Lookbook - Denim

Denim is back on the runway this season in varied shades of blue and different textures. The beauty of denim is that the fabric can be used in an outfit that is smart and sophisticated while also being the most popular choice ever for casual clothes as well. Go for tunics, jumpsuits and dresses in denim that are most popular in the summerwear 2015 collections.

Sexy Sheer

2015 Summer Lookbook - Sheer Dress

Lace and tulle are big this season, be it on the red carpet or on the high street. Whether you go in for a casual chic look with a lace top or go the whole hog in a tulle and lace dress, sheer is the way to go in order to be noticed this season. Proof: Kim Kardashian and Beyonce at the Met Gala red carpet held recently – the spotlight was on the two lovely ladies all thanks to their choice of suggestive ensembles – sheer gowns with embellishments. 

Image credit: Become Gorgeous, Take Me To, Ruffle Sand Ruffles, The Gloss, Liverpool Cho, Pinterest, PMC Hollywood Life

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