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Summer Trends in Indian Fashion - Stylish Thoughts
Summer Trends in Indian Fashion
23 rd Jul 2013

While we are in summer, the obvious choice may be bright red. Though red is a classic summer favourite, this year Indian fashion has moved to experiment with a mix of pastels and shades of blue.

We have seen pastels in the ready to wear collections of designers like am: pm. Shades of blue were presented by Indian fashion designers like am: pm, Abraham and Thakore, Karieshma Sarnaa and Rimi Nayak.

The season is witnessing a change also in the tone of the colours. Tangerine was another unique pick this season. Indian bridal lehengas were also seen in this colour. Indian designer Babita Malkani has designed beautiful lehengas in tones of tangerine! This is also a colour that does not necessarily restrict you to a particular season so it's a win-win situation! The colour choices within sarees followed a monochromatic colour scheme, much like the colour scheme followed by most designers worldwide. Indian designer Rimi Naik has made a beautiful saree in black and white.

Another trend seen worldwide was bringing back the 60s. In Indian fashion, this was translated to the use of a vivid hot pink popularly called Rani pink in India. This colour was very popular in the Indian fashion scenario during the 60s. While international designers took inspirations for silhouettes from the 60s, Indian designers played on colours of the 60s. Other than this hot pink, the rest of the summer palette this year is muted and soft. Other pieces such as scarves also follow the colour trends. We have seen a beautiful embroidered black and white scarf and also scarves in shades of blue.

In terms of silhouettes, draping has been a popular technique this season. Dresses and gowns are where we are used to viewing drapes. The Indian designer collections incorporated this technique in tops, tunics and skirts. While am: pm presented skirts with pleats to mimic drapes on long skirts, designer Karieshma Sarnaa used this in her tunics. Going back to the trending inspiration this season, the 60s, designer Karieshma Sarnaa has also taken inspiration from the puffed sleeves from the era. She has beautifully presented these in her tunics this season.

Last but not least, for styling, layering has remained a trend through the summer. Since the season does not allow for many layers of fabric, Indian designers like Babita Malkani have skilfully designed styles that have layers without adding volume. Indian designers this year have created variations in the hemline and used colour blocking to give the illusion of layers still keeping the garment suitable for the season.

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