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Summer Accessory Trends for Work
31 st Jul 2015

When it comes to dressing for work, women have to tread the fine line between making a statement and looking overdone. It is easy to turn up to work in a pair of trousers and a shirt, but what sets you apart from the next person is how you have styled your look. And this is where accessories come in. What better time to show off your accessories than summer when you are already pushing boundaries in summer wear! Summer gives you the opportunity to flaunt your legs with pretty skirts and dresses paired with open toed shoes and flat sandals. Add to it some stunning accessories and you have a look that will take you from great to wow! 

In case you are staring at an empty accessory box, it is time for some online jewellery shopping so that you are dressed to impress this summer. So without much ado, here are a few summer accessory trends for work that you can easily incorporate in your daily style with a spot of online jewellery shopping.  

Layered Necklaces

Top Summer Accessory Trends for Work - Layered Necklace

You need a feminine accessory to complement a summer outfit like a dress or a skirt and what better to unabashedly pair with a dress than a layered necklace? With brass being the metal of the moment, pick a layered necklace in brass with minimum embellishments so that you can easily wear it to work or play. We’ve picked this layered coin necklace by Sannam Chopra for the versatility that it has to offer. Check out more statement necklaces here

Statement Earrings

Top Summer Accessory Trends for Work - Statement Earrings

No summer outfit is complete without statement earrings. They don’t just lend a feminine look to your ensemble but can also be strategically used to add a pop of colour to your look. If you are going to indulge in online jewellery shopping, may we suggest earrings like these for their simple and clean lines and colourful inlays that are perfect for the summer months.

Colourful Bracelets

Top Summer Accessory Trends for Work - Colourful Bracelets

If you are used to turning up to work with a watch as the sole accessory around your wrist, it is time to change the practise. Trendy bracelets with alluring baubles that have flooded the online jewellery shopping market are just what your wrists need this summer. Browse through our collection of fabulous bracelets here - they are fresh, bright and give your look the edge that you are looking for to stand out in the crowd! 

Vibrant Printed Scarves

Top Summer Accessory Trends for Work - Vibrant Scarf

The easiest way to perk up any outfit, is to throw a printed scarf over it. It does not just add glamour, but also gives a fresh lease of life to any boring outfit. It is an added bonus if the scarf is in a vibrant colour with interesting motifs for that will instantly make you look brighter at work. So don’t just stick to online jewellery shopping, but go ahead and pick up some scarves as well!  

Image credit: Telegraph UK

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