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Stylish Alternatives For Your Trustee LBD
Stylish Alternatives For Your Trustee LBD
04 th Jul 2018

With summer nearly here pool party and BBQ seasons are closer than you think, so it’s crunch time to get wardrobe ready. You winter-time staple LBD might have seen you effortlessly flitting from fete to fete with a few clever accessory swaps but that routine certainly won’t do anymore.

Apart from the LBD route becoming a bit stale and tired, you will want to add some cheery colours to your summer dressing. Since this is the season for sunshine and day parties, wearing black might look a bit macabre. Unless that’s your jam, in which case by all means just go for it.

For those who are more seasonal dressers and like to switch things up to make the most of the weather, it’s time to bid adieu to the LBD until another dreary winter. Bright colours, sparkly accents, sultry drapes and sexy fits are what exciting summer dressing is all about. If you’re going through major LBD withdrawal then you can always have it make an appearance mixed in with your trendy summer pieces. But with all the options we’ve ruffled up, you’re not likely to reach for that LBD anytime soon.

The key with alternative LBD options is to ensure that they fulfil the same principles as the trusted classic. Your LBD substitutes must follow a few cardinal rules to make them worthy of taking its place. Here they are as simple pointers so you’re never in doubt about what to choose instead of that always-in-trend LBD.

  1. Comfort. Because in the end isn’t that the bottom line of all LBDs?
  2. Fit. Because even your insanely toned summer body or lack thereof can always look even better with the right styling.
  3. Easily Layered. Because you never know when the weather may play spoil sport and turn on you.
  4. Trendy. Because an LBD is always on point so you absolutely cannot have a replacement that is dated.
  5. Customisable. Because an essential function of any LBD is to be able to take on any measure of varied styling without looking out of place.

Right, so even more confused? Because not only did we just diss your wardrobe favourite but we also handed you a bunch of rules to abide by, when picking something to wear instead of it. As always we aren’t all bark and no bite because here comes a low down of worthy pieces from Strand Of Silk that are guaranteed to make you put your LBD into hibernation mode.

Fitted Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits can be extremely versatile but not many people consider them alternatives to LBDs or any other style of dresses. The chic and trendy style can easily see you through from day to night without any changes. Especially on workdays ending with social gatherings right after. With the correct silhouette, style and tailoring, there is no reason why quality jumpsuits cannot work as daytime and party staples much like the beloved LBD.

Alternative LBD | Fitted Jumpsuits

One Shoulder Crepe Jumpsuit by Kanika Jain Singh Couture

Baby Pink Off Shoulder Jumpsuit by Aida

Teal Jumpsuit by Kanika Jain Singh Couture

Dusty Rose Dramatic Jumpsuit by Kanika Jain Singh Couture

Tuxedo Tunics

Another out-of-the-box idea that’s sure to make you stand out this summer. As blazer dresses, coordinate sets and pant suits make an impact on the haute couture lines of major design houses, tuxedo tunics provide a summer-friendly relief from all those stuffy outfits.

No one wants to be wearing heavy-duty fabrics and shapes in the stifling summer heat and if LBDs aren’t an option then tuxedo tunics are the perfect form of casual experimentation. The structured yet fluid shapes are a seamless blend of workmanship and ease of dressing, making these pieces fantastic LBD stand-ins.

Alternative LBD | Tuxedo Tunics

Moss Green Long Sleeve Tunic by Aakaar By Ankit Sharma

Asymmetric Navy Blue Wrap Tunic by Aakaar By Ankit Sharma

Maroon Cowl Tunic by Aakaar By Ankit Sharma

Maroon Floral High Low Tunic by Aakaar By Ankit Sharma

Dramatic Dresses

Even if it’s summer it’s extremely possible that life sometimes has a way of getting out of hand and you might find yourself with one too many engagements pencilled into your social calendar. Experimenting with edgy new outfit ideas might be the last thing on your mind or you’re probably required at contradictory events so playing it safe is the best bet.

No matter how hectic your schedule dramatic dresses can still work brilliantly in lieu of an LBD. Plus let’s not deny the head turning capabilities of an immaculate dress that might possibly get you that magical summer romance.

Alternative LBD | Dramatic Dresses

White High Low Georgette Dress by Kanika Jain Singh Couture

Blue Sprinkle Short Dress by Kanika Jain Singh Couture

Asymmetric Moss Green Floral Drape Dress by Aakaar By Ankit Sharma

Maroon Color Block Dress by Riddhi and Revika

Statement Skirts

For the utterly lazy and/or unapologetically dressed down, it doesn’t get any more effortless than statement skirts. You might be spending your days in your slouchy jeans and tee followed by nights in your most comfortable LBDs but even you won’t be able to resist a statement skirt.

The beauty of these is that they require minimal additional styling so they’re ideal for the sluggish and fashion challenged. Just throw on an oversized tee or sweatshirt with trainers for a regular do and switch them out for a fitted cami or top with heels for a dressier occasion.

Alternative LBD | Statement Skirts

Vibrant Embroidered Skirt by Bhanuni by Jyoti Sharma

Maroon And Black Paneled Pencil Skirt by Michelle Salins

Black Double Crepe Skirt by Janaki

Metallic Pleated Skirt by Janaki


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