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Styles for Indian Designer Suits Trending In 2014
Styles for Indian Designer Suits Trending In 2014
26 th Oct 2014

Indian designer suits have always been in vogue whether worn casually or formally. These suits can either be classically elegant or contemporary and edgy. The versatility of these suits is what makes them great for the designers to experiment and be creative with.

As seen on the runways of the various fashion weeks, Indian designer suits have distinct styles that have been trending for 2014. The cuts, the fabrics used, the inlay work, embroidery and style gives each suit a completely different look. Some of Indian designer suit styles that are trending this year include the flowing hemline style, low front and long back style, asymmetric cuts and necklines, overlay style and the monochrome style.

The flowing hemline style works well with georgette and gives these Indian designer suits an indo-western look. It looks great with embroidery. This look allows the hemline to be free flowing give it a feminine look. Indian designer suits with this hemline look chic and elegant and perfect for the day in light and neutral colours and beautiful in bright and darker colours for evening wear.

Styles for Indian Designer Suits Trending in 2014- Flowing Hemline Style

Stylish low cuts while leaving the back long is perfect for a modern look. This Indian designer suit style can either be slightly or completely flared. Bright borders with embroidery enhance the hemline and complement the rest of the suit perfectly.

Styles for Indian Designer Suits Trending in 2014- Low Cut Style                                                    

Many designers experiment with necklines and cuts to give each Indian designer suit a distinct look and feel. This style allows for more creativity with design as designers can use different patterns, embellishments and colours in different ways creating unique and beautiful pieces.

Styles for Indian Designer Suits Trending in 2014- Asymmetrical Neckline Style

An overlay style is also currently trending where suits are layered with two different fabrics. The layering of these fabrics looks great when the fabric that is layered on top is transparent or netted allowing the inner fabric to be seen. Fabrics can also be used at different cuts making both the fabrics visible.

This style is trending due the gorgeous outcome of this overlay style. Majority of the Indian designer suits that have this style can also have exquisite embroidery on the fabrics making these suits look gorgeous. 

Styles for Indian Designer Suits Trending in 2014- Overlay Style

Finally the monochrome style on suits is one of the biggest trends of 2014. The use of embroidery in a monochrome light and dark tint of the same colour is popular among many designers. The monochrome style is common where the outer layer is transparent or netted while the inner is opaque.

Styles for Indian Designer Suits Trending in 2014 - Monochrome Style

Indian designer suits have their own distinctiveness with each of these trends in 2014 making them unique and eye-catching!


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