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Styles To Expect From The Powerhouse Cast Of Veere Di Wedding
Styles To Expect From The Powerhouse Cast Of Veere Di Wedding
29 th Dec 2017

Veere Di Wedding is being touted as Bollywood’s foray into the chick flick genre. The unreleased film has already created quite the stir amongst Bollywood movie buffs all thanks to its rarely seen all-female cast. The movie is a double whammy for girl power because it’s also being helmed behind the scenes by the able hands of Rhea Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor as producers. This will be Rhea’s second attempt at a female centric movie, her first being the mildly successful Aisha.

If you’re a Bollywood fashion aficionado then the mention of Aisha will signal to you the possibility of high style stakes in this movie as well. Add to the mix the combination of Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor and you know that the style quotient of this feature is going to be one to watch. Plus the title already makes it clear that the movie is set in and around a wedding. We are all well aware that nothing gets more glamorous than an onscreen Indian wedding so it’s hardly surprising that the fashion police are on high alert in anticipation of the summer release date.

Speculation on the possible looks for each character are already doing the rounds especially after the poster shows the four central character dressed in gender bending male sherwanis and pagdis.

VDW | Poster

Veere Di Wedding Movie Poster

Following the poster, Sonam Kapoor revealed the first look on the film through Twitter. Causing even more curiosity as this one shows all four ladies in various poses dressed in lovely citrus and tangerine hued lehengas.

VDW | First Look

Veere Di Wedding First Look

Before we go about dissecting the possible looks of each character, it’s important to understand a little bit of the back-story of the movie. The plot revolves around the wedding of Kareena Kapoor and the shared experiences between her and her gang of girls during the nuptials. The poster and first look drop a few hints on the potential roles each leading lady will play. We can attempt to play the guessing game regarding the style statements each of them will make while essaying their parts.

Kareena Kapoor – The Bride

This movie will be pivotal for Kareena as it marks her comeback after giving birth to son Taimur. Her pregnancy delayed the making of the film and even her insistence that she be replaced wouldn’t deter producer duo Rhea and Ekta from their decision to cast her in the lead role. She’s been sweating it out to get back her svelte pre-pregnancy figure and with fantastic results.

VDW | Kareena 1

Kareena Kapoor

Needless to say, after such a long ride of ups and downs, her outfits are likely to be the most magnificent of the cast. Expect to see her in some heavily embellished traditional numbers as well as equally classical western gowns. We don’t predict heavy experimentation in her looks, as they will want to portray her as the quintessential Indian bride who is timeless and regal.

VDW | Kareena 2

The Damiti Lehenga by Anita Dongre

Pastel Orange And Tomato Red Lehenga Saree by Anju Agarwal

Icy Green Palazzo Set by Anushree Agarwal

Red One Shoulder Lace Gown by Swatee Singh

Sonam Kapoor – The Fashion Forward BFF

Another reason why Kareena’s looks will be sans much risk will be the presence of Sonam Kapoor. The diva’s looks are going to be the high point of the movie especially for their unconventional twists that have made Sonam a household name since Aisha. Stylist extraordinaire and producer Rhea will ensure that the fashionista will not disappoint lovers of contemporary Indian fashion while also giving all other bridesmaids squads major #weddinggoals!

VDW | Sonam 1

Sonam Kapoor

If the backless number in the first look is anything to go by then we’re sure to see some pretty racy silhouettes on Sonam. Giving the audience a little dose of skin that will be the complete antithesis of Kareena’s demure and subtle sexiness.

VDW | Sonam 2

Crystal And Pearl Embroidered Saree by Siddartha Tytler

Embroidered Blue Skirt And Blouse Set by Salt and Spring by Sonam Jain

Red One Shoulder Lace Gown by Swatee Singh

Digital Printed Anarkali In Beige by Siddartha Tytler

Shikha Talsania – The ‘Healthy’ Friend

It’s refreshing to see Bollywood finally embracing curvier body types especially for female leads. We have a sneaky suspicion that both Ekta and Rhea wanted to make a point for heavier set girls everywhere by casting Shikha Talsania who isn’t the typical skinny-long-limbed-lass expected of Bollywood actresses. Shikha has the acting chops to prove that mega talent is far superior and more valuable to a film than a hot body.

VDW | Shikha 1

Shikha Talsania

The movie poster sees her jumping a little less higher and smiling sort of reluctantly at the camera. We predict that hers will be a multi layered character who is juggling her own complexes while also dealing with the constant reminder of being not as conventionally beautiful as her other girlfriends. She’s most likely to be the most endearing and relatable character of the entire cast. Shikha’s outfits will not be the run-of-the-mill plus sized girl’s go-to picks as the movie will set the precedent that women of all shapes and sizes are gorgeous. She has the confidence to carry off nearly every look and we’re certain that Rhea will push her even further by creating some jaw droppingly stunning ensembles for her. Thus giving larger girls everywhere the much-needed boost of confidence that they don’t need to shy away from wearing the latest trends.

VDW | Shikha 2

Crimson Anarkali Suit by Anju Agarwal

Grey And Pink Half And Half Saree by Priti Sahni

Seashell Kaftan Style Gown by Anju Agarwal

Golden Rod Jacket Lehenga by Anju Agarwal

Swara Bhaskar – The Reluctant Bridesmaid

The poster of the film shows Swara Bhaskar smirking on and looking slightly disapprovingly at her girl gang’s wedding shenanigans. The olive skinned beauty is known for her feminist movie choices and we have no doubt her character in the film has many shades of feminist rebellion. It’s very likely that her character harbours a deep resentment to matrimony or is troubled by her own past of marital troubles making her a sceptic to the entire notion of marriage.

VDW | Swara 1

Swara Bhaskar

Just like Shikha’s character, it’s rather obvious that Swara also portrays a complicated persona with many shades of grey blended into her psyche. Her outfits will reflect that dilemma, as she will be seen in basic dressy pieces. Hers could be the character that would turn up in jeans or shorts to a religious ceremony just to spite the conformists. All of her looks are likely to be extremely sombre and the least fashion forward when compared to the rest of the cast. Even though her style will veer on the simple side, we are nevertheless sure that they will still be inspiration worthy for all the plain janes out there.

VDW | Swara 2

The Aadra Lehenga by Anita Dongre

Stylish Blue Cutout Sleeve Anarkali by Rang by Manjula Soni

The Rezaa Saree by Anita Dongre

Orange Neoprene Gown by Mandira Wirk



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